Google Photos v3.26 prepares for editing VR images, enables captions in photo books, and adds more suggestions [APK Teardown]

Google is launching many updates today, including a new version of Photos. This update will probably not change much for most users, but if you are preparing a photo album, you will now have the option to add titles to your photos. Dismantling also reveals plans to support the editing of stereoscopic images and there are a couple of new types of suggestions that can appear in some of your photos.


Unofficial changelog: (things that we found)

  • Photobooks now admit legends

Legends of photo albums

The signs on the pages of the books of Subtitled photos appeared for the first time in v3.22, but are now live in the latest update. To add a title to a page, simply open a photo album of your drafts (or create a new one) and look for the new text tool button in the title bar to open a window with a text field. You can also touch the bottom of the white border that surrounds a photo to open the same view.

When entering text, a preview will appear on the previous sample page. Photo pages do not allow lines to be wrapped, so you will receive a warning if the line is too long. In addition, legends are only allowed in border designs, not in the entire border-to-edge design.

Design adjustment (v3.25)

There was a small change that I had left when verifying v3.25, but it did not really guarantee a dedicated post. The information screen in the photos was reorganized to bring the details of the photo to the top of the page, effectively moving the recognized faces. If there is a location attached to the metadata, the map view is still at the bottom if you scroll down to find it. Otherwise, nothing was gained or lost in the change.


Disclaimer: Dismantlements are based on evidence found within the apk (Android application package) and are necessarily speculative and are generally based on incomplete information. It is possible that the assumptions made here are erroneous or inaccurate. Even when the predictions are correct, there is always the possibility that the products change or cancel. Like the rumors, nothing is certain until it has been officially announced and published.

The features described below are probably not yet live, or can only be live for a small percentage of users. Unless stated otherwise, do not expect to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and images are true unless otherwise indicated, and the images are only modified to delete personal information.

VR Media Edition

Photos and videos have come a long way in recent years, but most of the interesting new features and variations of them have not strayed too far from the traditional notion of flat images in a screen. However, Google Photos seems to be taking the next step by allowing editions in VR media.

< string name = " photos_photoeditor_fragments_edit_dialog_save_vr_media_title " [19659017]> Save Vr media </ string >
< string name = " photos_photoeditor_fragments_edit_dialog_save_vr_media_warning " > The editions applied to the other eye of this medium are not visible in the preview. The savings will apply editions to both eyes. </ string >

The new lines are part of a message that is displayed when editing a stereoscopic image. These are actually two images taken from slightly different angles and then shown to the viewer's eyes independently, allowing them to perceive depth in the way their eyes would when they see something in three-dimensional space. The message indicates that the editions only have a preview with one of the two images, but the changes will be applied to both images of the pair.

At this time, there is no clear indicator for what types of editions can be made. stereoscopic images, but it is quite safe to assume that color adjustments will be allowed. I'm not so sure of things like cropping or turning, which would probably ruin the change of perspective.

I do not have a camera that can produce a stereoscopic image, so I do not have a good way to test if this is still working. Of course, we welcome all readers with cameras capable of testing this and let us know if it is already live.

More suggested actions: correct color and cropping

During Google I / O, there were announcements of new suggested actions that would appear while browsing your photo collection. There are not many different suggestions, but the list has been growing slowly since the announcement. Now two new suggestions appear: Fix Color and Crop Document.

< string name = " photos_suggestedactions_editor_a11y_fix_color " > Adjusted color </ string [19659021]>
< string name = " photos_suggestedactions_editor_auto_enhance_color_chip " > Edit ] </ string > < string name = " photos_suggestedactions_editor_crop_document_chip " > [19659019] Crop Document </ string >

It is not hard to guess that the Fix Color suggestion will probably work quite well as the Fix Brightness suggestion, basically detecting things like a questionable white balance or colors that are saturated or saturated and adjusting to more attractive standards. [19659007] The Crop suggestion makes sense from the perspective that it is almost always good to crop an image at least a little, but it is difficult to imagine exactly what Google Photos will look for to identify images that specifically require a fine adjustment. You may detect faces or other subjects in the box and offer to cut out the images to be placed in golden proportions, or you may identify unsightly details on the edges of an image that would not be lost if they were removed.

So far, none of the images I've checked has produced any suggestions, so I assume it's not active yet, but again, let us know if it detects any of these in your shots. [19659062] Download

The APK is signed by Google and updates your existing application. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Instead of waiting for Google to download this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it like any other APK.

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