Google Maps Now Offers Detailed Voice Guidance

Google is implementing a new feature designed to help people with visual disabilities move. The function provides a detailed voice guide for those who need it, helping them to get from A to B on foot. While it is aimed at people with visual impairment, anyone can use it.

While people with perfect eyesight wouldn’t think twice before going for a walk, it can be a bit more complicated for people with visual impairments. Especially if they want to venture somewhere they have never been before. Fortunately, Google is available to help.

How to use Google Maps detailed voice guidance

Google introduced the new Maps detailed voice guidance feature in a publication in The Keyword. Wakana Sugiyama, a Google business analyst, explains that this is the first feature of Google Maps “built from scratch for and for people with visual impairments.”

The detailed voice guide gives people “audio information when you’re walking to their destination using Google Maps.” Google has published a video that shows how the function works, with Sugiyama following the instructions that guide it from A to B.

Sugiyama said: “With this function, I can navigate the streets of Tokyo with more comfort and confidence. While making my trip, Google Maps allows me to proactively know that I am on the right route, the distance to my next turn and the direction in which I am walking. ”

To enable detailed voice guidance, open Google Maps. and go to your Settings . Select Navigation and then scroll down until you see Walking options> Detailed voice guidance . Move the switch to enable the function and then explore your surroundings.

Google Maps is becoming more useful with each update

Detailed voice guidance is gradually being implemented in Google Maps. It will be released first on Android and iOS in English in the United States and in Japanese in Japan. However, Google promises to add support for additional countries and languages ​​over time. Google Maps becomes more useful with each passing day. After all, Google Maps now offers augmented reality addresses.

Google Maps now offers augmented reality addresses

Google Maps now offers augmented reality directions

Google Maps Live View uses augmented reality (AR) instructions to make it easier to go from A to B without getting lost. 
warns you about speed traps
Google Maps now warns you about speed traps

Google Maps now warns you about speed traps

Google Maps can now show speed limits and the location of speed traps. Help drivers avoid breaking the law.

You can now plan group events on Google Maps

You can now plan group events on Google Maps and helps you plan group events

The new Google Maps group planning feature should make planning an event much easier. Especially with a large group of people.
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. And now it can even help visually impaired people navigate the city.

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