Google Fit gets a redesign, adds Heart Points and coaching

Google Fit is receiving a major update today. The company's activity tracking application has been around for a few years, but to this day, it worked a lot and looked the same as the day it was launched. However, the redesign of today is quite different from that old style, and also presents many new features that help take the service to a new direction.

The most obvious new feature in the new version is that instead of just focusing on active minutes (or "Move Minutes" as they are now called), Google now introduces the concept of Heart Points. With this, you not only earn points for moving, but the application will also give you extra points for activities that really make your heart beat a little faster. Google Fit will give you one point for each minute of moderate activity and double points for more intense activities (think of running or kickboxing). You can not buy anything with those points, but you are more likely to live longer, so that's it.

As before, Google Fit will automatically track your activities thanks to your phone's sensors or Wear OS watch. You can always manually add activities, or use applications like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal to get credit for the workouts you track with them.

What is also new in this update is the actionable training, something that unfortunately was missing in the previous version. It remains to be seen how useful this new function is in daily use, but the idea here is to give you feedback on how active you have been throughout the week and help you stay motivated.

What I & # 39; In fact, what excites me the most is the new appearance. Based on the screenshots that Google has shared so far, the application now provides many more details at a glance, without having to delve into the timelines (which were not all usable in the previous version).

The new version is now being implemented for Android and Wear OS users.

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