Google Contacts v3.1 comes with more visual updates and prepares option to erase interaction data [APK Teardown]

The great update of Contacts v3.0 brought with it a significant visual update of the Material topic that Google has been adopting in recent months. The latest update to v3.1 continues on that path with more visual adjustments that tune the look even more. This update not only presents some new graphics, but also the start of a new function that can erase interaction data.


Unofficial changelog: (what we found)

Even more visual adjustments [19659005] Left: v3.0. Right: v3.1.

The biggest visual change occurs in the navigation drawer, which has removed the background image from your Google+ profile. The background is now white from top to bottom.

If you look at the highlighted row, there is also a rounded end in the indicator instead of a straight line that runs the full width of the line. And if you're really interested in the details, you may notice that some of the icons have been reduced by one or two pixels.

Left: v3.0. Right: v3.1.

The account selector also looks quite different. Instead of occupying the entire height of the drawer, now just push everything else down. The accounts have also been expanded to show both the account name and the email address, instead of just the address. Google has also eliminated the counter by the number of contacts contained in a particular account.

I also want to quickly point out that the Contacts team made changes to some of the color options that bothered me in the v3.0 update. Note: some of these adjustments were made in minor updates, and others occurred with the hit to v3.1.

Left: v3.0. Right: v3.1.

The colors for the automatically generated thumbnails were changed to white text on a solid background color, which eliminates the pastels that had prevailed in the latest version. This will probably be better combined when a dark mode is available. The FAB also regained its blue color, so it now stands out in the interface instead of looking like another icon.

Left: v3.0. Right: v3.1.


Disclaimer: The disassemblies are based on the evidence found within apks (Android applications package) and are necessarily speculative and, in general, are based on incomplete information. It is possible that the conjectures made here are incorrect or inaccurate. Even when the predictions are correct, there is always the possibility that the products change or cancel. Like the rumors, nothing is certain until it is officially announced and published.

It is likely that the features discussed below are not yet active, or that they are only active for a small percentage of users. Unless otherwise stated, do not expect to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and images are true unless otherwise indicated, and the images are only modified to delete personal information.

Deletion of interaction data

If security and privacy are the most important thing to you, there is a possibility that you do not want prying eyes. to be able to know how often you are communicating with some of the people you know. These are data that the Contacts application tracks so that you can give informed suggestions, and other applications can access this data to some extent. If you want to get rid of the historical data, it seems that it will be possible. The new text represents a simple command to erase the interaction data on your phone.

< string name = " clear_interaction_data_title

] Delete interaction data? </ string >
< string name [196590006] clear [196590006] clear_interactivo " > Delete device data about the frequency with which people were contacted.This data is created when you call, send text messages or send emails to people. 10 10Contact suggestions can be reset at any time. application that uses this data. 10 10This will not delete the history of calls, contacts, texts or emails. </ string >
< string name = " menu_clear_interaction_data " > Deletes the interaction data [19909090]]] < string [19659018] name = " clear_interaction_data_positive_button " [1945900] 6]] ] [/[1900] [] [] >
< string name = " clear_interaction_data_toata_toast_success ] Panel information in the command box] </ string
< Preference android: icon ] = ] ] howling ]
] [13] "
android: title = " @ string / menu_clear_interaction_data " android: key =

Categories [194590066]] order = " @ integer / clear_interaction_data_order_number " />


The APK is signed by Google and updates your existing application. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Instead of waiting for Google to send this download to your devices, which may take days, download it and install it like any other APK.


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