Google Assistant's Now-like visual snapshot is getting gesture activation, among other tweaks

The convenience of a single touch of the old Google Now was one of the most magical parts of the use of Android in the past, and its return to the Feed was a reason of sadness for many, including me. Although most of their functions were still hidden in the Google application, checking their calendar, tracking packages or the status of their flight was no longer just a touch away. Fortunately, Google recovered it last month in something called "visual snapshot" through the Wizard. And now Google is trying a new and more convenient way to access it with a tap on the Assistant's overlay.

When Wizard changes were first shown in I / O, they included this slide up to access the new summary page diary, but for the last two weeks, had to access it through a button in the upper right part of the Wizard template. This new adjustment means that everything is just a long hold and a slip away. It's still not as convenient as the old Google Now, but it's an improvement.

Previously when it appeared in the Wizard's overlay, it simply showed the activity history of the Wizard, but with this new change, the gesture now takes it to its visual snapshot. (On the other hand, I would really like the panel to have a better name, but that's all Google wanted to call in the ad).

None of our devices has this swipe gesture for the Assistant at the moment. Presumably, it is still being tested, or the launch has just begun. The most prominent visual indicator of the new interface is the floating text over the Wizard's overlay that tells you to "Swipe up to see your updates", but it's not the only change. The iconography in all has been changed to match the contours of the Android P style, and it seems that the lenses and keyboard shortcuts exchanged locations.

Old helper overlay (left), new overlay with the shortcut to slide up (right).

It's hard to be sure, since the scale of PPP or different devices can have an effect on how things are represented, but the new assistant's overlay also seems to be a bit shorter, and the logo of the bubbly attendant was reduced and he pushed himself towards the upper left corner.

Visual snapshot both before (left) and after (right) of these changes.

The real The visual snapshot function itself seems not to have changed, apart from the icons that are filtered. Since it is less than a month old, I would be surprised if Google was already implementing a redesign, but you never know. The changes in the Assistant's overlay appear adjusted to match.

So far, this new interface seems to be part of a server-side A / B test, since none of the stable or recent beta versions of the Google application has been able to activate the new behavior on my devices, and our tipster is seeing it in a stable version that is not the last (v8.13.15.21). As always with these tests, YMMV. It may not reach a wider audience for months, if it does, or it could land for everyone tomorrow.

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