Google app v8.10 beta prepares image search from screenshots, Routines to lock doors, and much more [APK Teardown]

Google developers try again with another night launch of the Google application. Like most others, this update does not seem to bring any specific live changes, but it does include clues to many of the upcoming changes. There's a lot to talk about here, so let's get into that.


Disclaimer: Dismantling is based on evidence found within the apk (Android application package) and is necessarily speculative and is generally based on incomplete information. It is possible that the assumptions made here are erroneous or inaccurate. Even when the predictions are correct, there is always the possibility that the products change or cancel. Like the rumors, nothing is certain until it has been officially announced and published.

The features described below are probably not yet live, or can only be live for a small percentage of users. Unless stated otherwise, do not expect to see these features if you install the apk. All screenshots and images are true unless otherwise indicated, and the images are only modified to delete personal information.

Disable YouTube for guests (smart screens)

For many of us, our YouTube story is sacred. Well, maybe it's an exaggeration, but at least we do not want anyone to release random videos because they will infect future video recommendations (more than they have already been). When smart screens are released a little later this year, you can prevent guests from opening YouTube videos with voice commands.

Disable YouTube for Guests
Disable YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube TV for users whose voices are not recognized by the Wizard using Voice Match. Note: Does not apply if you have not enabled voice matching.

excerpt from /xml/assistant_device_id_jasper_settings.xml

At this time, the function to disable YouTube for guests is only written in the configuration of "jasper", which is the code name for smart screens. According to the description, it will prevent people whose voices do not recognize Voice Match from opening YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube TV.

This feature is not a block on YouTube, it simply prevents voice commands from opening videos, but should not hinder the launch of the YouTube application by touching the screen.

Start an image search from a screenshot

Google started testing a new screen sharing and editing tool at the beginning of last year, then in 2018 the tool started to work with all the screenshots taken on a device. The functionality is quite simple, you can touch a button to share your screenshots, and there is a built-in image editor if you want to cut them or add annotations before sharing them.

Very few changes have been made since its launch, but now it seems that the screen capture tool will get a new and great improvement: you can start an image search for your screenshot.

Apart from this label, there is not much else to do. This is not yet live, but it would certainly be an interesting feature. An image search may not be so different from what we can already do with Google Lens, but it would be a bit more convenient and intuitive for some of us to take the screenshot and press a button.

Identify relationships with other member households

Version 7.25 of the Google application contained the first substantial mention of Google Assistant for Households. Earlier this month, the v8.6 update added fields for birthdays and relationships, but it really did not give much more than that. Now with v8.10, Google has added a list of common family relationships.

Father [19659007] Mother
] Grandfather

The standard titles are here for husband and wife, brother and sister, boyfriend and girlfriend, and so on until it reaches grandparents and grandchildren. There is also a "friend" title, although it seems vague for this situation. Probably missing some titles for cousin, roommate, etc.

Blocking its doors with Routines

Just over a week ago, the v8.8 update added an action for Routines that would allow it to arm its security system Continuing on the same thread, a new command will allow it to automatically block Their doors.

Lock doors
What doors would you like to block?

Main applications

There will be a new entry in Google top-level menu. To be specific, we are talking about the menu that used to be a navigation drawer, but now it is only accessed through the hamburger icon in the lower left part of the tabs at the bottom.

The new element will be called "Main Applications" and will be located near the top of the list, just between Recent and Saved.

Main applications

Excerpt from / menu / material_drawer_menu .xml

At this time, there is nothing apart from the name to explain what this new article will be, but we will probably see more about it soon enough.

Google Duo promotion text on smart screens

There is no new information here, but for those interested, this is the promotional text that Google will use to advertise Duo on smart screens.

Video Calls
Use your existing Duo account to make video calls on your smart screen. Your friends and family can contact you in% 1 $ s. 10 You can unlink your Duo account from this device at any time in the Wizard settings.
Start high-quality video calls on your Smart Screen to anyone with the Google Duo application. Verify your phone number to create a Duo account. This will also link you to your Google account.
Google will send a code by SMS to verify this number. Operator fees may apply. People who know your phone number or your Google account will be able to communicate with you through Google services.
Not now
Use Duo


The APK is signed by Google and updates your existing application. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Instead of waiting for Google to download this download to your devices, which may take days, download and install it like any other APK.


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