Give your morning commute an extra jolt with the best ebikes you can buy

As our roads are increasingly filled with automotive traffic, more cities make biking around the city safer and more accessible to citizens. Needless to say, these massive city planning efforts are showing a great return on investment. From 2000 to 2010, the number of passengers on bicycles increased by 40 percent in the United States, and these figures were as high as 77 percent in some cities, according to Forbes.

In recent years, the cycling industry has exploded as manufacturers seek to capitalize on increasingly nuanced styles. It should not be surprising then that the movement of the electric bicycle has experienced a massive increase in popularity lately, as people seek to add a bit of pedal assistance to their daily commutes and casual weekend outings. However, an ebike tends to be a fairly steep initial economic investment. But when you consider it along with the annual costs of fueling, securing and maintaining a car, an ebike literally pays itself over time. Here are five of the best electric bicycles currently on the market, and a "just for fun" selection.

Our selection

Specialized Turbo Vado 6.0

Why should I buy this? The Turbo Vado 6.0 is one of the most capable ebikes we have tested.

Who? is for Anyone looking for more than an occasional traveler.

How much will it cost? $ 4,800

Why we chose the specialized Turbo Vado 6.0: [19659002] On a trip to Palo Alto last year, we had the opportunity to test the Turbo Vado assisted by Specialized pedal and the model continues being our choice for the best ebike in the market. Using a 350-watt motor and a 604-watt-hour lithium-ion battery, the Turbo Vado is capable of traveling up to 80 miles on a single charge, which should be more than enough for your daily commute and more.

Built by a company that manufactures cycling equipment for more than 40 years, Vado looks more like a traditional bicycle than any other electric bicycle. Its structure and components have been adjusted to provide a familiar experience, which makes it easier for new and veteran cyclists to simply jump and start pedaling. The heritage of Specialized shines perfectly, helping to separate from the competition in an increasingly crowded bicycle market.

On the way, only a few turns of the pedals are required to activate the Ford engine and accelerate it. In Turbo mode, the highest level of bicycle pedal assistance, Ford reaches speeds of up to 28 miles per hour, after which the electric transmission system automatically shuts down to conserve energy (and comply with local law). ). A built-in LED reading on the handlebar allows passengers to monitor battery life, check current speed and track burned calories, while observing the distance traveled. The mission control application of Turbo Vado (iOS / Android) also connects to the bicycle via Bluetooth and allows passengers to further adjust their travel and adjust the bicycle settings.

We ran the Ford through the gauntlet, including some of the steepest Palo Alto hills, and the bike easily handled everything we launched, maintaining a constant speed of 20 miles per hour even in the most crushing ascents. The bicycle also handles well on the descents and is fast and agile on city streets and on paved trails. It is even comfortable to travel long distances, which is of vital importance for any bicycle built for urban environments.

It is important to bear in mind that Vado is tailored for urban driving, making it a great option for daily trips to and from the office or doing errands at the weekend. That said, if you're looking for an ebike for more difficult terrain, there are other options on this list that are more suitable for that task.

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The best mountain bike

Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0

  the best electric bikes haibike sudro hard9 ebike

Why should I buy this? Relatively lightweight, affordable and capable, this is a great versatile mountain bike.

Who is it for? Mountain bike enthusiasts throughout the year.

How much does it cost? cost? $ 2,600

Why we chose Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0:

Mountain electric bicycles have attracted a lot of attention because of their ability to help passengers climb more, faster and faster on the path. As a result, there have been some impressive new eMTB models to reach the market in recent years, which makes it easier than ever for the head off the road. Our favorite is Haibike SDURO HardNine, which comes equipped with a 350-Watt Bosch Performance CX unit and a 500-watt-hour battery. This gives you a range of up to 70 miles, along with a top speed of 20 mph, which is pretty fast on singletrack.

Haibike ships the HardNine with 29-inch tires, 180-millimeter hydraulic disc brakes, a 100-centimeter front suspension fork and a nine-speed Shimano shift system. The reading of the LCD screen of the bicycle is fixed to the handlebar and shows the current speed, the load level, the remaining range and the current pedal assistance mode. The company says the battery can be fully recharged in just four hours, minimizing downtime between trips.

Fast and fun on the road, the SDURO HardNine drives rugged terrain easily, while its big tires roll over most obstacles without missing a heartbeat. The pedal assistance makes climbing fast and saves energy, and the bike descends surprisingly well as well. Its front suspension provides a good level of cushioning on rough trails and, although we miss a full suspension on this model, that would have added weight and additional costs.

With a price of only $ 2,600, Haibike SDURO HardNine 4.0 is easier to use. the pocket of most other e-mountain bikes, while still delivering great performance. That makes it easy to recommend as a mountain walk for a variety of mountain bikers.

The best traveler

Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame

  best ebikes

Why buy this? Built for the urban traveler, this bicycle is fast, comfortable and has a great variety.

Who is it for? Internal travelers of the city.

How much will it cost? $ 2,699

Why we chose the Raleigh Redux IE Diamond frame:

Another bicycle that comes to us courtesy of a traditional bicycle manufacturer, the Raleigh Redux IE Diamond Frame was built from the ground for urban displacements. With its clean and simple design, this is an electric bicycle that does not look like an electric bicycle, but still offers impressive performance on the road.

Powered by a 250-watt Brose Centerdrive system, the Redux is capable of speeds up to 28 mph, which is useful in dodging traffic. Its 36-volt lithium-ion battery provides enough juice to provide the bike with a range of up to 80 miles between recharges, making it a great choice for commuters. Raleigh even equipped the bike with wide tires that provide stability and traction, even when the road gets wet. Other key features include a set of 10-speed Shimano cranks and a built-in LCD display that shows all the usual information.

The stealthy design of the Redux manages to hide the battery of the bicycle in the lower tube, which helps hide the fact that an ebike at first glance. This gives it a more traditional look that should attract cyclists who are not too enamored with the thick style of other electric bicycles. It also helps the bicycle to be a bit more agile.

The best road bike

Giant Road E + 1

  the best giant road e1

Why should you buy this? The Giant The E + 1 road is an elegant option for traveling.

Who is it for? Enthusiasts of the road bike.

How much will it cost? $ 4,130

Why we chose the Giant Road E + 1:

While the idea of ​​a pedal-assisted road bike may seem contradictory, during longer training sessions, A touch of additional power helps prevent fatigue and muscle fatigue in general. Likewise, people looking to enjoy longer scenic routes will appreciate the general impulse provided by an electric drive. With a top speed of 28 mph, the Road E + 1 uses three power modes to give you maximum control over your course and assist level. A four-point sensory system monitors the pedaling force allowing the motor to amplify your movements without problems.

One of our favorite features with Road E + 1 is the ergonomic Ride Control EVO command station. Unlike other control centers, this screen is mounted on the handlebar front and center, keeping the controls literally at your fingertips. At higher speeds, balance is the key and this module allows control of the system and the fork at all times.

Giant did not skimp on the traditional cycling components for E + 1, either. The bicycle comes equipped with a Shimano 11-speed connecting rod, hydraulic disc brakes and a lightweight aluminum frame. It also features an aggressive geometry designed for road driving and is shipped with a quick charger to keep the electric motor running.

The frame itself incorporates a series of supports that allow you to easily trick the Road E + 1 with a rack, fender or panniers to better meet your travel requirements. Again, most traveling purists will surely make fun of the mere notion of pedaling assistance, however, people looking for more of a guided tour and less of a tour de force will faint on the Road E + 1 .

Espin Sport Black

  spin sport black 13031 ebike main1
Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Why should you buy this? The Espin Sport is a solid option of economic ebike.

Who is it for? Those who seek to test the waters of the ebike without breaking the bank.

How much will it cost? $ 1,888

Why we choose the Espin Sport Black:

Buying an electric bicycle can be a great initial investment, and there are dozens of brands and models worthy of choosing. That said, some people may want a solid model of pedaling assistance without a lot of additional luxuries and the Espin Sport is our most important selection for the budget.

In general, the Epsin has a blue-necked construction with no sense, absolutely love. It uses a 20-inch diamond frame that looks and feels like a traditional road bike. A sturdy rear-mounted luggage rack holds up to 55 pounds of cargo, which should be more than enough for a trip to the store, to go to the office or for a short day trip.

The Espin works with 350 – watt motor that is rated for trips of up to 50 miles (depending on the terrain and the level of assistance). Once exhausted, the battery is fully charged in approximately five hours. Fortunately, Espin facilitates the removal of the battery, allowing you to recharge it quickly at home or in the office between trips. A backlit LCD control concentrator shows your basic metrics and battery life while in transit and the LED headlights add a touch of light when necessary.

Yes, there are less expensive ebike models on the market, but most come with some warnings. The Espin Sport fulfills the promise of an electric bicycle, but in a more economical way. This bicycle will not tow you for a 60-mile round trip, but those who are looking for their first electric bicycle will receive a lot of money from their model.

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The best ecological off-road bicycle

Cake Kalk

  best electric bicycle cake kalk

Why should you buy this? If you like to go out in nature on two wheels and you care about the environment.

Who is it for? Serious riders off the road who want a silent ride.

How much will it cost? $ 14,000

Why we chose the Cake Kalk:

The revolution of the electric bicycle has officially passed into the realm of off-road bikes. For those who prefer to walk in nature, Cake presented a product that not only respects the environment but also other passengers. Cake's Kalk is a silent all-terrain motorcycle that does not release emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, its electric motor means that there is no change of gears or grip, a silent motorcycle that does not detract from the experience of others. Perhaps the best part is that Cake avoided any sacrifice in performance. The Kalk reaches speeds of fifty miles per hour and presents three different driving modes.

The first mode is called Discover and is ideal for those who only wet their feet. The second is its Explore mode, designed for longer and more exciting rides, while the third is Excite mode, which allows optimal power and acceleration, perfect for executing horses and performing tricks.

In addition, Kalk weighs less than 155 pounds – less more than half of traditional motorcycles. Cake custom parts of the powertrain and implemented an internal permanent magnet motor (IPM). With a single load, the bicycle travels up to 50 miles and as an extra feature, maintenance is minimal due to the fact that there are few moving parts due to its lack of a combustion engine. The Cake Kalk is currently available for pre-ordering.

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