Geek Trivia: Which Of These Films Was Inspired By A Super Bowl Commercial?

  promotional image for the movie Space Jam
Warner Bros.

Answer: Space Jam

In 1992, Nike issued an announcement of the Super Bowl that combined Bugs Bunny, Michael Jordan and a group of players from scandalous basketball. who harass poor Bugs Bunny (who tried to sleep in his studio under his basketball court). The sixty second clip is full of Looney Tunes antics and, of course, Michael Jordan playing ball with his iconic Air Jordan (and, of course, dunking baskets).

The commercial was not just a peculiar moment in the Super Bowl but the ad history. This, intentionally or not, produced two results. First, it made Looney Tunes look fresh and interesting again, although the franchise is more or less immortal, it was not exactly an important cultural product at that time. Second, he planted the seed of an idea: what would happen if Michael Jordan joined the Looney Tunes characters?

That seed became the premise of the whole 1996 movie Space Jam that offered an alternative in the timeline, what exactly Michael Jordan did between his retirement in 1993 from professional basketball and his return in 1995. In the real world, Michael Jordan followed a brief career as a professional baseball player. In the Looney Tunes universe, he did the same, but instead of completing a year in the Minor League system, he was hired by Bugs Bunny to help him train him and his Looney Tunes friends to win a basketball game against aliens inclined to enslave them. In an intergalactic amusement park. The film ends with a point that converges in our timeline and that of the film: Michael Jordan returns to the Chicago Bulls to continue his basketball career.

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