Fishing Fever Game Tips & Review

In recent months, we have launched an excellent Fishing Fever Apk game for mobile devices in Google Play Store and App Store. Fishing Fever is one of these great fishing games for Android like Cat Goes Fishing LITE APK in this game you can visit several places, fish, sell fish and make money.

This post covered everything about fishing fever. Fishing Fever Tricks, tips and strategy guides to catch cheats, special fish and big fish! More here you will findĀ best Steam games 2019

Fishing Fever Game Tips & Review for Android

As usual, start with a tutorial to learn the basics of the game. How to melt reels, hooks, tension gauges, techniques, etc. This tutorial also deals with updates, bars, baits and some tips. If you’re not serious, here are the basics of the game. Simply complete the base fish collection.

Visit 6 fishing areas and start fishing. However, fishing equipment must be updated to catch chief fish, big fish and special fish. The game Fishing Fever presents a wide variety of fish species, techniques, locations, baits, rods, reinforcements and reels.

However, not all computers are free. Some are premiums that you can get when you change them for real cash. Summary: – Your objective is to improve your fishing skills by improving the equipment, completing the fish harvesting, building the best aquarium, unlocking all the locations.

Game Guide

In this section you will learn how to use technology, the combo, the bar / Reel / Bait, getting keys, keys, boosters, and more. To begin, simply touch the Go button on the main screen. Then select a location and enter. Then, touch the reel button to start throwing.> Then, you must stop the pointer at the appropriate blue point. Touch the Move option to stop it.

After the fish ate the temptation, it’s time to hook! While you catch fish, you have to take care of the tension bar. The tension bar must not exceed the critical point. Otherwise you will lose grip on the fish. You can also check the HP bar of the fish. If you press the reel button and you damage the fish, you can put it in the tank if the fish loses all the HP!

Fishing fever -> Skills -> Use the technology to further damage your fish! Skills can be activated using a combo and sometimes you need to swipe left / right / up. Of all the technologies, the power measurement technology is the best! When the power bar reaches the maximum point, slide up. Make combos to quickly activate your power ability.

Reinforcement in the game of fishing fever

Reinforcement or power increases increase the chances of catching legendary fish. Great, boss or special! There are many huts that appear in fishing fever. Increased damage, rare reinforcement, gold reinforcement and great auxiliary reinforcement.

You can equip this reinforcement before you start fishing. How to equip a reinforcement in the fishing fever and how to obtain this reinforcement? To install the amplifier, go to the main screen -> Address tab (near the store section) and go to the booster tab (potion type icon) -> view options -> tap the device.

The amount of this booster is limited. How to get a booster in an Apk fishing fever? There are many ways to get a free reinforcement in this game. Complete the collection of fish books, Level up, Complete the daily mission. Complete main missions, open the treasure chest. Keys and treasure chest.

The premium cargo / bait / reel is very expensive and requires real money, so the best way to get it is to open the treasure chest. Go to the main screen -> chests -> You can open a silver or wooden chest with a key or a coin! The key can be obtained from the sea (fishing), as a reward!


Fishing Fever Press and hold the reel button for 2-3 seconds to make a combo in the game (do not exceed the danger line). This is a fishing fever game guide for beginners. Now fishing fever catches the main fish, big fish and special fish by initiating scammers, tips and tricks.

Use a booster and the best bait to get a booster and special fish, big fish.

One Boss is the best way to Get fish or special fish easily using the best bait and reinforcement. A better quality bait attracts this fish and reinforcement increases the possibilities. Basically, there are entry level baits / baits and you can not get the SSS classification of fish with this bait.

When you complete some missions, you will receive a free premium bait. To change the bait or bait in the Fishing Lure game, go to Main screen -> My gear tab -> Bait -> View – Equipment. Similarly, you can get a free premium booster when you complete the startup mission.

Fishing tip, trap -> Stop the pointer at the blue dot to increase the chances of catching big fish or rare fish. Increase of short premium + premium bait = boss fish, special fish, big fish. But you can get big or special fish without using these high quality products.

With the above tips, you can easily get boss fish or special fish. But there is a difference between catching and catching! Boss fish is the most powerful fish in the game Fishing Fever and it is not easy to catch it. Use this suggestion to hold it easily.

Upgrade the bar or buy a premium load that can do more damage. Turn on the reels, use the premium fishing line, use damage reinforcement. To update the bar, go to the Bar -> View -> On tab. Ignition tips -> Check the success rate before turning on the fishing rod. Power-ups can end in failure and all coins can be lost!

Daily Missions and Main Missions Completed

One of the best ways to catch up and get huge rewards in the game is to complete each day or main quest. It would be nice if you focused on the search. Go to the main screen to see the action -> Search tab -> daily or main!

Invest in coins!

As you know, the head fish can not be caught without a thin rod, a reel or a bait. So save your coins and buy an advanced bar or reel in your store, or use a coin to open the treasure chest. When you reach the maximum level, sell the fish. You put your fish in the tank and sell them for maximum compensation once you reach the maximum level. However, do not sell until you reach the maximum level.

Repairs to restore durability. In the game Fishing Fever, the durability of the reel and the load are reduced during the game. Repair coins to restore durability! If the durability is zero, fishing is not possible.

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