Femtech hardware startup Elvie inks strategic partnership with UK’s NHS

Elvie, a femtech hardware startup whose first product is an elegant smart pelvic floor exerciser, has signed a strategic partnership with the UK National Health Service that will make the device available throughout the country through of the country – use the health care service without direct cost to the patient.

It is a great victory for the startup that was co-founded in 2013 by CEO Tania Boler and the founder of Jawbone, Alexander Asseily, with the aim of building smart technology that focuses on women's issues: a neglected and forgotten category in the space of the gadgets.

Antecedents of Boler before starting Elvie (não Chiaro) including working for the UN on global sex education curricula. But her interest in pelvic floor health and the inspiration to start Elvie began after she had a baby and found that there was more support for women in France than in the United Kingdom when it came to taking care of their bodies after childbirth . [19659002] With the NHS association which is the first national reimbursement association of the startup (and, therefore, as a spokeswoman says, has "the potential to be transformative" for the company still young), Elvie emphasizes the opportunity for your technology connection to help reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence, including those suffered by new moms or in cases of stress-related urinary incontinence.

Ellie Kegel's trainer is designed to make the pelvic floor fun and easy for women, with real-time feedback delivered through an application that also gamifies the activity, guiding users through targeted exercises To strengthen your pelvic floor and thus help reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence. The device can also alert users when they are contracting incorrectly.

Elvie cites research suggesting that the NHS spends £ 233 million annually on incontinence, also claiming that about a third of women and up to 70% expectant and new moms are currently suffering from incontinence urinary In 70 percent of cases of stress urinary incontinence, it suggests that symptoms can be reduced or eliminated by pelvic floor muscle training.

And although it is not absolutely necessary for any device to perform the muscle contractions necessary to strengthen the pelvic floor, the Elvie Trainer challenge is meant to help with women, as it can be difficult to know that they are performing the exercises correctly or effective

Elvie cites a 2004 study that suggests that about a third of women can not properly exercise the pelvic floor with verbal instruction alone. Whereas biofeedback devices (in general, in place of the Elvie Trainer specifically) have been shown to increase the success rates of pelvic floor training programs by 10%, which according to other studies suggests reducing the rates of surgery in a 50% and reduce treatment costs by £ 424 per head of the patient during the first year.

"Until now, pelvic floor training devices with biofeedback have only been available through the NHS for domestic use on loan from the patient's hospital, and the patient's allocation depends on the demand." Elvie Trainer will be the first device biofeedback at home available in the NHS for patients to keep, which will support long-term motivation. "

Commenting on a statement, Clare Pacey, physiotherapist specializing in women's health at Kings College Hospital, said: "I am delighted that Elvie Trainer is available through the NHS, as well as being an elegant, discreet and beautiful product, the application it's easy to use and the immediate visual response directly to your phone's screen can be extremely rewarding and motivating – it helps to make pelvic floor rehabilitation fun, which is essential to staying healthy. "

Elvie does not disclose commercial details of the NHS partnership, but a spokesperson told us that the main objective of this strategic partnership is to expand access to Elvie Coach, adding: "The wholesale price reflects that."

Discussing the structure of the supply agreement, he said that Elvie is working with Eurosurgical as its partner delivery – a distributor who said he has "decades of experience" supplying products to the NHS. "

"The approach will vary based on trust, with respect to whether a unit is ordered for a particular patient or if a small amount will be retained so that a unit can be provided to a patient within the session in which the need is established. This process will be monitored and reviewed to determine the most efficient and economical distribution method for the NHS supply chain. "

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