Facebook Groups may soon charge monthly subscription fees for access

Facebook will now allow group managers to start charging $ 4.99 to $ 29.99 a month for exclusive membership in certain groups, the company announced today in a blog post. The groups of raising, cooking and cleaning of the home will be the first to obtain the new function as part of an early test.

As it is now, free groups will remain intact, but will soon have the option to launch premium subgroups. For example, the Declutter My Home group of lifestyle blogger Sarah Mueller is starting an Organize My Home group that costs $ 14.99 per month to join. And the Grown and Flown Parents group is creating a University Admissions group that charges $ 29.99 for access to college counselors.

While in the past, Facebook groups have always been free, charging for a membership can increase the sense of exclusivity and make the group feel more special. A payment wall can also alienate more people.

Facebook says the new feature is that group managers, who dedicate a lot of time and dedication to the growth of their communities , you can also earn money at the same time. The company also says that managers can take the money they earn to create higher quality content for the group, whether it is more publications, videos or meetings and events offline.

For now, the function is still an experiment on mobile devices and Facebook will not receive a reduction in subscription fees. However, as part of the standard policies of App Store and Play Store, Apple and Google will take a percentage of user subscription fees through iOS and Android. Still, this is just the beginning of Facebook's efforts to monetize groups, which, unlike News Feed, does not depend on advertising.

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