Facebook Bug Exposes Users’ Photos

A Facebook error has exposed private photos of up to 6.8 million users. The error means that thousands of third-party applications had potential access to photos they did not have permission to see. The worst is the amount of time Facebook took to reveal the incident.

The bad year of Facebook

It's fair to say that Facebook has not had a good 2018. There was the Cambridge Analytica scandal

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everyone should be familiar with this moment. And in a context of people who eliminated Facebook, the social network has had continuous problems to maintain the trust of the people.

The problems are profound, with Facebook struggling against the spread of fake news, advertising campaigns with the potential to influence elections and seemingly lax attitude towards user data and privacy. And now we received the news that the private photos were exposed to the applications.

Facebook reveals new error

Facebook revealed the incident in a Facebook post for developers. The social network explains that this error affected "the people who used Facebook's login and gave permission to third-party applications to access their photos."

Users sometimes give permission to applications to access the photos They share on their timeline. However, this error meant that for 12 days the developers could also access other shared photos on Facebook, and even the photos that the people uploaded, but then decided not to publish.

The error in question was active between September 13 and September 25, 2018. Facebook Discovered and properly fixed the error of day 25. However, Facebook took almost three months to notify the affected developers and, for extension, to the affected users.

Facebook regrets that this has happened and is implementing tools to help developers determine who uses their application. This error could affect those people. "Then those people will be notified and directed to a Help Center link that explains the problem in more detail.

Fingers crossed for 2019

This spends one year horrible for Facebook, and I really hope 2019 brings better fortune.Not for the sake of Facebook, but for the good of its users.Otherwise, Facebook and others might find that they all decide to collectively leave social networks

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