Fortnite is supposed to hit Android this summer, but developer Epic Games has not yet offered a firm timeline. A recent report suggested that Fortnite would be launched as an exclusive on the Samsung Galaxy Note9, and that might not be the developer's only trick. The game will never reach Play Store. Instead, everyone should download it from the Epic Games website.

The instructions for downloading and installing Fortnite Mobile on Android are hidden in the code of the Epic Games website. It does not mention the download from the Play Store, but the direct download is covered in detail. The site will warn players that they will need to change security permissions during installation, most likely referring to unknown sources.

We can not say with certainty if Fortnite Mobile will be launched or not in the Play Store, in addition to the direct download, but the motivation for the epic games is clear. The game will be popular mega no matter how it is distributed, but Epic does not have to pay Google a 30% cut in in-app purchases if it handles the distribution on its own.

The drawback is that the side loading of Fortnite will be terrible for Android's security. We are talking about millions of people who will enable unknown sources in the configuration, and most of them will never turn it off. These will not be all smart users who know better than installing suspicious APKs. This way of distributing the game will make it easier to infect Android users with malware, some of which and are posing as Fortnite.