Empire Origin Game Guide & Tips

This article covers everything you need to know the game Empire Origin of this game: guides, tips, tricks and strategies to play as Empire Pro!

Empire Origin Android game guide and tips

Before moving on to the tips and tricks, learn the tip, the basics of the Empire Origin game, game methods, goals, etc. However, this tutorial covers everything about updates, population and buildings. However, if you have not played the MMO strategy games yet, you should read the basics. The most important objective of the game is to build the best city and defend it from enemy attacks. Other players can attack the base and loot food, timber, gold and other resources. You can attack enemies and loot resources.

It is enough to build the best army to destroy the enemy city. Set the bearing to protect the resources. Improve all buildings. At the beginning of the game, most buildings are blocked and EXP is required to unlock the building. You can do it by completing the mission. Start the Empire Origin Apk guide and then review suggestions, tricks and strategy guides from Empire Origin to create the best city and get more resources.

Game Guide

In this section you will learn about all buildings, research methods, skill points, how to increase strength, how to attack enemies, how to explore, how to establish a defense. Let’s start the Empire Origin game guide without losing time.


As an MMO is a strategy game and you have to build a big city, you need to know about the importance of building and building in this game. Earn money for each building.


The house is the main building of Empire Origin. The population of your city is determined by the level of your home. Population means that it can be recruited to obtain more resources, including food, timber and mining. Improve the construction of your house increases the limit of your population.

Game of origin of the College of the Empire

This university is one of the important buildings of the Origin of the Empire. Here you can study various aspects, such as resources, development, army, defense of the city, etc. Just touch the university building and choose the investigation. Then, select a research topic (such as City Defense) and start the investigation. The research costs are “technological points”. You can create technology points by assigning a population to your research. Assign your population by touching View -> Manage population and touching the + icon next to Research. You can see the number of points generated per hour just below the study text.


Barracks buildings are unlocked after leveling up. barracks; Infantry, cavalry, archers, cars, etc. Press the barracks building and select the train where you want to train your troops. You can send troops in March or collect resources from world maps.

Hero Hall

You can train your hero in the Hero’s Pavilion and get automatic combat compensation. Just touch the Hall of Heroes and select the campaign option. Then touch the Trophy option to receive compensation. Tap the Hero option to see the list of Heroes.


Can treat an injured army in the hospital (since March). Please update to increase the injured capacity. Resource buildings such as farms, wooden warehouses and iron warehouses are important buildings. You assign a population to this building to produce resources such as good buildings, trees and Iron Empire Origin game, these resources must be updated or built. You can continue to improve these buildings and increase your production.


You can build equipment for your masters in a blacksmith’s building. Craft material is obtained by knocking down a monster or winning a battle.


The Watchtower building in the Empire Origin Apk is the best building. It informs you about your enemies who are approaching your city to steal your resources and destroy all the buildings. Upgrade to get more information about the enemy.

Training Grounds

Drill Ground is another building in the Empire Origin game just like Clash of Clans APK this game will be updated to increase the number of soldiers you can send while marching.

Secretary of Defense

You can create enemy traps and protect resources and buildings in defense. You can update this building to open a new and powerful trap. So this is a construction guide. Now, learn to attack monsters and enemies. Touch the world map (bottom left corner) to show the next screen. To attack the Empire Origin monster, touch the search icon (the screen at the bottom left), select “Monsters”, select a level, then touch the search icon.

After that, you can see monsters. Choose an attack by touching the monster. Select the troops and start the march. To attack an enemy, click on the base on the world map and choose an attack. Press the Scout option before spying and spying on the enemy base. Confirm the level of defense, the strength of the enemy.

Once you confirm, your troops will go there and get a report on the enemy within a certain period of time. Check your email. Press the Mail icon (bottom right). Review the report and compare it with your own strength. If your ability is high, attack.

Collection of resources

You can also collect resources such as food, wood, and iron from world maps. Touch the search icon, select a resource and touch the search options. After that, he collects resources / resources and sends troops there.

How to configure the defense in the game Empire Origin

The shields can be used to avoid enemy attacks. However, it is difficult to achieve. However, there are several ways to establish the defense at the Origin of the Empire.

  • Press the guard and create a trap.
  • Army training in barracks
  • Military research in the university
  • Monarch power increase
  • Power increase method: –
  • Level Up – Quest Completed
  • Military training
  • Building Upgrades
  • Gear gear
  • Use of skill points

Skill & Gear

Click on the avatar icon at the top of the screen. Next, touch the book icon. Here you can use skill points to gain additional benefits, such as combat, development and support. Touch Battle, select skill (touch only tab) and touch Learning options. Activating combat skills can increase your troop strength or improve combat performance. Learn development skills to reduce upgrade costs, increase returns and increase your resource income. Learn techniques such as accelerating and accelerating when you attack monsters.

How to earn skill points? -> level up. How to level up? Complete missions, chapters and improved buildings and also attack or defeat monsters. So this is the Empire Origin game guide for beginners. Now let’s look at the tips, tricks and strategies of Empire Origin. Fast forward with the tips, tips and strategy guides of Empire Origin.

Focus on missions and levels at the start of the game. Level up opens new buildings and improvements. Improve your home and increase your population. Then, assign the population to farms, wood stores and iron deposits to increase the production of resources. Start a study of urban defense in universities and improve defense facilities to improve the defense of the city and save resources from enemies. Improve your watchtower to learn more about the enemies that approach the city.

Train your army; Improvement of barracks to ensure a strong troop. Update the drilling sites to increase the number of gears. For the blacksmith technical team, tap the avatar (in the top center), then press the empty slot and equip the computer. Use the skill points to learn new skills and earn bonuses. Attack monsters, enemies and earn craft materials, experience points and more rewards. There is a free rewards provider near Dak, hospital, watchtower.

Every few minutes, you can get rewards from there. Free acceleration compensation, gold, etc. Join the alliance and get 200 free gold. Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Link your account and get 200 free gold. To claim this compensation, touch the Mail icon and touch Compensation message. Use the recognition function to identify the gender details before attacking the enemy. Keep improving and improving! Therefore, these are tips, tips and strategy guides for Empire Origin beginners for beginners.

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