Eminem And Gucci Mane Fans At War Online After Gucci Questioned His “King” Title

When Gucci Mane appeared in Rickey Smiley recently, he was asked if Eminem was still the "King" of rap, and Gucci had a surprising answer. The rapper joked that he needed to get a "better name" if he wanted to keep that title.

BET.com reported that Gucci Mane sat down for a brief conversation in support of his new autobiography, and when the host asked about the controversial rapper, Gucci hinted that Eminem had lost favor for a long time.

After the release of Revival and Kamikaze, the first one that was strongly criticized, the latter was better received by fans than by critics, the status of Eminem as a legend of hip-hop has been questioned by some rappers and fans.

Fans will remember when Machine Gun Kelly fired on Eminem earlier this year, causing one of the biggest problem in the hip-hop community in 2018, along with Drake of Pusha-T: "The Adidon Story."

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