Disaster Information From the IRS, SBA & USDA

As we have shared many times on SmallBusiness.com, natural disasters can happen, and they do, at any time. Whether it's a hurricane, a fire, a flood, an earthquake or a tornado, there are things that people can do to prepare before a disaster. When it comes to information and resources for small business disasters provided by the US government. In the US, the places to begin your investigation are the Internal Revenue Service, the SBA Office of Disaster Assistance and the US Department of Agriculture. UU. .

IRS disaster information


Reconstruction of records after a disaster | An information sheet to help people facing the challenge of rebuilding their financial records after a disaster. It covers how to properly document a tax deductible loss.

Tax relief in disaster situations | (Including local press releases and frequently asked questions, frequently asked questions)

This fact sheet presents links to disaster resources. Take taxpayers through the information that will help them after a disaster. The page also contains links to local press releases and frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions for disaster victims | Users will find links to several different pages of frequently asked questions. Each set of frequently asked questions is about a specific topic to help people after a disaster.

Publication 2194 | Disaster Resource Guide for individuals and businesses

This resource guide provides information for individuals and businesses affected by a disaster. It also covers the help available for disaster victims. The guide can help taxpayers claim losses for unreimbursed damages on property that was damaged or destroyed.

Publication 584 | Workbook on victims, disasters and theft

This workbook helps individual taxpayers calculate the loss of their property due to a disaster, accident or theft.

Publication 584-B | Workbook on business losses, disasters and theft

This book helps companies calculate the loss of business ownership due to a disaster, accident or theft.

Publication 547 | Casualties, disasters and robberies

This publication explains the tax treatment of casualties, robberies and losses.

Disaster Information from
The SBA Office of Disaster Assistance

Through its Office of Disaster Assistance (ODA), the Small Business Administration (SBA) is responsible for providing Affordable, timely and accessible financial assistance to businesses of all sizes, private nonprofit organizations, landlords and tenants after a disaster.

Financial assistance is available in the form of long-term, low-interest loans. SBA disaster loans are the main form of federal assistance for the repair and reconstruction of disaster losses from the non-agricultural private sector. For this reason, the disaster loan program is the only form of SBA assistance that is not limited to small businesses. Disaster Assistance has been part of the agency since its creation in 1953.

  • Current disaster declarations
  • Disaster loans
  • Emergency preparedness and disaster assistance
  • Disaster loan data
  • Disaster Assistance Employment Office
  • Disaster Policies and Procedures
  • A Reference Guide for the SBA Disaster Loan Program
  • The Three Step Process: Disaster Loans
  • three steps: disaster loans
  • How to report fraud
  • Code of Federal Regulations – Disaster loan program
  • SOP 50 30 (9) – Disaster assistance program
  • Glossary of commercial financial terms [19659021] Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan

USDA Disaster Information and Resources

  • Farmers.gov Discovery Tool or disaster assistance
  • Information about Hurricane Florence on USA.gov
  • DisasterAssistance.gov
  • Ready.gov
  • FEMA smartphone application
  • DSNAP vs. SNAP (PDF, 96.1 KB)
  • Food Security during a Disaster
  • USDA Disaster Reference Guide
  • USDA Livestock Preparation Fact Sheet (PDF, 136 KB)
  • USDA Programs to Help to individuals and small businesses (PDF, 118 KB)

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