Google has allowed developers to sell physical items of Assistant in the past, but now it is expanding to digital goods and services. That means that developers can sell things like subscriptions or game content through Custom Actions without having to fire you from the Wizard. There are also improvements that come to the Google logins to facilitate this process. And guess what? It's just to start in the United States. Surprising, I know.

Digital purchases in Shares could include things like premium subscriptions. Google uses Action Headspace meditation as an example. You can subscribe to the premium version of the voice service, choosing between monthly and annual plans. Then, Google processes the payment with the card that has been filed. Experiences of additional content in Actions can also be blocked behind a payment wall. Once again, Google offers an example: the game based on the Castle Master Wizard can sell an expansion package of $ 2.99 of new scenarios and events within the Wizard.

As part of this stock trading expansion, Google has added new tools to help you sign in. your account. Previously, I would often need to enter account information manually when linking to an Action, but now developers can instantly link existing accounts or create new accounts through Google. Log in with your authorization. Apparently, Starbucks already has this feature live in its Action.

Digital purchases will only work in the United States at the beginning, but other markets will have "early" access.