Smart speakers are slowly infiltrating all houses and rooms, and children are using them more and more. When your toddlers or their children want to play their favorite songs, turn on the lights in their room or ask hundreds of questions about dinosaurs, having something like an Amazon Echo or Google Home makes things much easier. It also gives them a certain independence. But Amazon went one step further with its special edition for children Echo Dot, and now you can buy one for your child for $ 20 less.

The children's edition wraps the second generation Echo Dot in a protective color case (blue, green). , or red) for a fun look. But its most important addition is that it comes with a year of FreeTime Unlimited Family, a service that includes a large number of parental controls, access to 300 audible children's books, character alerts and more, for up to four children. Normally, Prime subscribers cost $ 83, and you can get it for free with the speaker.

Generally, the Echo Dot Children's Edition costs $ 79.99. It has been reduced to $ 69.99 previously, but this is the first time we see it go as low as $ 59.99. If you decide to get two of them, you can benefit from a slightly higher discount: $ 110 instead of $ 120. The three colors have lowered their prices and the shipping is free, but we do not know how long the discount will be available, so it is Better to act quickly.