Cutting the cord? Let us help you find the best service for livestreaming TV

For those fed up with your cable or satellite television company, there has never been a better time to cut the cable. Video streaming services are giving the traditional cable and satellite TV competition the delivery of live sports and online real-time television programming, often because of a drop in price, while premium channels such as HBO and Showtime are available as separate streaming services or add-on packages.

Livestreaming TV has great advantages over cable and satellite TV: no hidden charges, easy to cancel, and some even offer DVR storage.

Livestreaming TV also has other advantages: there are no hidden charges, and if you ever decide to cancel, it's easy and hassle-free, a refreshing change from the hassle of dealing with cable and satellite call centers. Some services even offer special features, such as DVR storage in the cloud.

However, there are many services available, and all have different prices, channels and feature sets. So, what is the best live broadcast service for you? To help you analyze the chaos, we have prepared this practical guide that details the features and content offers of each service so you can evaluate them directly in front of your rivals and decide exactly how you want to download the cable.

Editor's note: Each service has a conditional inclusion of the main networks it carries. Some markets have access to live network channels, including local programming, while others will only be available upon request. In some selected locations, one or more of the networks, or even a full service, may not be available. Check the website of each service to see the availability in your area.


Price: $ 40 per month for more than 55 channels and Hulu's on-demand movie and TV library; Additional channels and functions range from $ 9 to $ 15

Free trial version: 30-day free trial

Includes major networks: ABC, CBS, FOX , NBC, CW

Compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, certain TV models Roku and Roku, certain Samsung smart TVs and Blu-ray players ray (coming soon), web browsers, Xbox One consoles

Number of simultaneous transmissions: Six

For who it is: Hulu users looking to upgrade to live TV. .. and almost everyone else [19659004] Hulu's unique plan of $ 40 per month (simply called Hulu with Live TV) gives subscribers more than 55 live channels (the exact number will depend on your market). You'll get ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox, either live or on demand depending on your location, plus dozens of other popular channels, which Hulu lists in its entirety on its website.

Hulu with Live TV also offers 12 different sports channels, including ESPN, CSN and Fox Sports 1.

Hulu With Live TV also presents stiff competition when it comes to sports, toasting 12 different sports channels, including ESPN, CSN and Fox Sports 1, which almost equals the 13 of YouTube TV (although it does not reach the FuboTV lineup full of sports in terms of absolute numbers). Hulu with Live TV also allows users to follow their favorite sports teams of the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLS, MLB and NHL, and record their games, as long as they are available. In addition, you can use your Hulu with Live TV login information to log in to the ESPN application and access ESPN live coverage through ESPN +.

Hulu with Live TV subscribers also have full access to Hulu Demanding Hulu's streaming library and original content, essentially combining a basic Hulu subscription (typically $ 8-12 per month) with More than 50 live TV channels. This gives the service an important advantage for current Hulu fans, consolidating live television with everything subscribers already get with Hulu on a single monthly bill. The on-demand library of Hulu is already very good, with some of the best original TV series, and Hulu with Live TV offers one more reason to sign up.

In the "points against" category, Hulu with Live TV only offers a single additional channel at the time of publication, which offers Showtime for $ 9 per month (instead of $ 11 per month) as an independent channel). That said, subscribers will be able to upgrade from some basic Hulu resources with available features, such as unlimited simultaneous broadcasts and enhanced DVR storage in the cloud.

Sling TV

  sling tv discounts additional packages new ui roku 4

Price: Sling Orange: $ 20 per month for more than 30 channels; Sling Blue: $ 25 per month for more than 40 channels; Orange + blue: $ 40 per month for more than 45 channels; complementary packages of additional channels and functions from $ 5 to $ 20

Free trial version: Seven-day free trial

Main networks included: ABC (inclusion varies according to the channel package), NBC, FOX (NBC and FOX are only available in selected markets)

Compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV and Fire, Android, Apple TV, Airplay, AirTV, Chromecast tablets , Channel Master DVR, iOS, Mac, Nvidia Shield, Select LG Smart TV, LeEco devices, Roku, Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray players, Chrome web browser, Windows, Xbox One consoles, Xfinity X1, Xiaomi Mi Box, ZTE devices

Number of simultaneous transmissions: Sling Orange: one; Sling Blue: Three

For whom: Customers who want a customizable and on-demand experience

Sling TV currently offers the most flexibility of all live TV broadcast services, less when it comes to your content and pricing options. SlingTV uses an à la carte model, with base channel packages and a series of add-ons. The base packages, although they are similar to a large extent, have some important differences: that the channels owned by ABC and Disney (including ESPN and, therefore, are compatible with ESPN +) are only present in Orange, while Blue has NBC, Fox and other sports channels like NFL. Red and NFL Redzone.

If you want all those channels, you will need to save for the $ 40 package, which includes everything in blue and orange, or you can increase any package with additional channels. The complementary packages also vary in the prices and channels included, depending on the package to which you are subscribed, but you can expect to pay between $ 5 and $ 20 per month for each one.

It's a bit confusing, but it's pretty easy to analyze when you see all the packages presented in front of you. You will find complete listings on the SlingTV website.

As for the bonus features, SlingTV is quite standard, but it has some unique features. The first is Game Finder, a search feature on the Sling TV website that finds live and future sports content available for your channel and region package. There is also a bandwidth limiter, which will prevent you from exceeding your data limits: video content can consume data quickly, after all, so this is a welcome feature.

Otherwise, it's pretty standard. Subscribers of Sling Orange will have access to a single transmission, while Blue allows up to three transmissions simultaneously. As for other features, VOD (video on demand), pause / rewind / fast forward and "catch up" are specific content. For DVR, users will have to add another $ 5 for 50 hours of DVR in the cloud. Despite the additional cost, the good news is that the cloud DVR is available on almost all Sling TV compatible devices, except for the Xfinity X1 and some Samsung smart TVs. You can get the essence of everything SlingTV has to offer by reading our SlingTV guide.

PlayStation Vue

Price: Slim access / access: $ 40 / $ 30 per month for more than 45 channels; Core / Core Slim: $ 45 / $ 35 per month for more than 60 channels; Elite / Elite Slim : $ 55 / $ 45 per month for more than 90 channels; Ultra / Ultra Slim: $ 75 / $ 65 per month for 90 channels, plus HBO and Showtime; complementary packages range from $ 9 to $ 15

Free trial version: 14-day free trial

Including major networks: ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS (Only CBS available in select cities)

Compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, Android phones / tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Mac, Nvidia Shield, PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, Roku, web browsers, Windows

Number of simultaneous transmissions: Five

For whom: PlayStation users and PS Plus subscribers, and those with a great channel appetite.

PlayStation Vue offers the most channels of any of the services, but it is also the most expensive, and its price structure can be confusing to turn around at the beginning. The channels you get, and even the plans that are offered, will depend on your location. PlayStation Vue packages come in two varieties: with local channels (regular) or without (Slim). So, for example, the most basic package, Access, costs $ 40 per month in markets where local live channels are included.

PlayStation Vue offers the most channels of any of the services, but it is also the most expensive

In all other markets, however, Access Slim costs $ 30 per month and does not includes live local programming (however, prime-time content is still available upon request). This is the same in all Vue packages. If you currently only have access to Slim packages, the good news is that Sony adds new markets quite often, so it is possible that local live channels are available to you in the future (albeit with a higher monthly bill) . You can find what local channels are available on Sony's PS Vue page.

There are also some additional channels and functions available. Subscribers to PlayStation Plus (Sony's premium online service for PS4 and PS3) will get discounts on some of those packages, and some channels are exclusive only to Plus subscribers in the first place. Similarly, PS Vue is directly linked to the PS4 interface and the PlayStation ecosystem in general, which makes adopting it almost obvious for PlayStation players looking to add online TV, as long as the prices and channels match. your needs. [19659004] This does not mean that only PlayStation users should adopt PS Vue; The robust service channel listings will appeal to anyone who wants to see many things, and could be a good option for larger families who share an account. PS Vue allows users to create up to five user profiles, with up to five transmissions at a time. However, keep in mind that the use of PlayStation Vue on a TV or configuration device is a very different experience than that used on a mobile device: some channels will be inaccessible on the fly due to license restrictions. In addition, you can not access any of your recorded content on a mobile device.

If you're anxious to read more about Sony's service and its litany of pricing options and options, give our PS Vue guide a tip.

DirecTV now

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AT & T

AT & T

Price: Live a little: $ 35 per month for more than 60 channels; Just to the right: $ 50 per month for more than 80 channels; Go Big: $ 60 per month for more than 100 channels; I have to have it: $ 70 per month for more than 120 channels; complementary channels and features available for $ 5 per month

Free trial version: seven-day free trial

Includes major networks: ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS ( CBS) only available in selected cities)

Compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Mac, Roku, Chrome web browsers, Xbox One console ( soon ]

Number of simultaneous transmissions: One

For whom: Those who do not mind marketing functions for many channels [19659004] DirecTV is another service with high channel counts and multiple packet levels, but offers a simpler pricing model than PlayStation Vue.

Those considering the service will want to do some research to see if DirecTV Now offers offers or desc In the past, the service offered some pretty impressive promotions for a limited time that could offer you better entry prices, and even a free streaming device.

While you can get a great deal, DirecTV lacks some features shared by most other systems, specifically a DVR in the cloud. It is reported that AT & T is currently testing the features of DVR which could allow users to store up to 100 hours of content, but AT & T or DirecTV have not yet confirmed anything. It is also worth noting that DirecTV Now has a severe limitation on channels that can be paused, forwarded or rewind compared to other services.

Apart from those shortcomings, DirecTV Now, like PS Vue, is closer to the experience you'll get with cable or satellite when it comes to available channels. Its price is also constant, regardless of where you live, so do not worry about a sudden blow to your bill.

YouTube TV

  YouTube TV

Price $ 35 per month for more than 48 channels; complementary packages ranging from $ 5 to $ 15

Free trial version: seven-day free trial

Major networks included: ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CW [19659004] Compatible devices: Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Chrome web browser, Xbox One consoles

Number of simultaneous transmissions: Six [19659069] For whom: Those who are deeply devoted to Google, live in a covered area and want a simple package

The only YouTube TV package costs $ 35 per month for 45 channels. That makes it a bit more expensive than the basic offerings of Sling TV and PS Vue, and equal to the DirecTV input package. The only service that beats in the amount of channels included is Sling TV. Currently it is only available in selected regions, so before digging too much, you will want to check your website for available locations.

YouTube TV costs $ 35 per month for 45 channels, including all major networks (ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and CW)

That could raise questions about its value, but a look closer reveals some notable advantages. It includes all major networks: ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS and CW, and a group of other popular channels at a reasonable price, and its local affiliate programming has also been expanded and is now available for almost 50 percent of customers. It also has a lot of sports channels for the price (that is, below FuboTV).

You will not make much customization or add content to YouTube TV; currently there are only four additional channels available: Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus, Shudder and Sundance Now. Sure, I could add HBO as an independent streaming service at $ 15 per month, but if you're looking to combine all of your Internet TV in one package, YouTube TV is not the place.

YouTube TV also falls a bit short on the support of your device, especially compared to the services we have covered above. However, it has the most flexible DVR support in the cloud, allowing users to store the programming up to nine months after recording, with standard pause / rewind and recovery functions available. If you have a Google Home device and a Chromecast, YouTube TV can be controlled with voice commands through the Google Assistant. Similarly, the Google Assistant can even tell you what content is currently stored in your DVR. If you are an Android program that uses Google's ecosystem to the fullest, YouTube TV can be the perfect complement. Read our YouTube TV guide for more information.


  Philo TV screenshot

Price: $ 16 per month for 37 channels, or $ 20 per month for 46 channels

Free trial: Seven free trial days

Main networks included: Zero

Compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, iOS, Chrome, Roku

Number of simultaneous transmissions: 3

For whom: Lovers of popular cable channels who do not mind skipping local networks and sports (or can get them elsewhere).

Philo, like almost all the other services listed here, offers you a long list of popular cable channels to watch live over the Internet. But it differs significantly in what content it is compatible, or more accurately, it is not compatible. Despite having a large number of channels, including Viacom favorites such as MTV and Comedy Central (absent from many competing services), the four main networks – Fox, NBC, CBS and ABC – are not broadcast by Philo, or anything from ABC parent company, Disney. That means that, in addition to not having local affiliates, there is no ESPN either. However, when it comes to locals, many viewers can get them by air with a simple (and affordable) HD antenna for free.

There is also a benefit to this approach without a network. As Philo does not have to sign agreements with networks to carry specific markets, Philo's full channel packages are available regardless of where you live.

In regards to functions, Philo is similar to the other previous services (and cheaper, to boot) Users have access to DVR in the cloud to record and store content, however, like Playstation Vue, the content of your DVR will only be maintained for a limited time: 30 days, in this case. While that might seem like an inconvenience, let's be honest: if you postpone seeing something you recorded for so long, you probably will not see it anyway. A feature that Philo includes is the ability to access the content of paid wall applications for channels transmitted by Philo. For example, given that Philo's channel packages include AMC and Nickelodeon, you can download and view the dedicated AMC and Nickelodeon applications at no additional charge by logging in with your Philo account.

Philo lacks the full application and support device of its rivals. Only Roku, iOS devices and the Chrome browser are currently supported, but support from Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV is just around the corner. Philo says there are still more devices on the way, but for now, truncated device support is a drawback. That said, if you have a compatible device and do not mind skipping sports and big networks (or you can find them with an antenna), Philo is the cheapest way to get live television. For more information about the service, see our Philo guide.

Amazon Prime Live Channels

  prime video cbs deal instant amazon series screenshot

Price: Free and premium channels at variable prices

Main networks included: N / A

Compatible devices: Live channel features are only available on Amazon Fire TV; Any device that supports Prime Video Now

Number of simultaneous transmissions: N / A

For whom it is: Amazon Prime users who want to consolidate their applications and monthly invoices into One place

Amazon Prime has a long list of benefits for its members, but one of the lesser known incentives is the ability to increase your Prime Video library with a handful of TV curated channels compared to the other services here , Amazon Prime channel plug-ins do not represent much competition. Prime simply offers a small number of channels currently supported by Fire TV.

For Amazon Fire TV users (it's not a coincidence that you require an internal device), you can search for a small selection of these channels through the "Live Now" menu, which includes a programming guide so you can See what follows. As of this writing, only a small number of premium channels, including HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime, will appear in the "live now" section, and only if you subscribe to them through the "Channels" of Amazon Prime. However, the number is growing and we expect a more varied selection in the near future.

One advantage of a configuration like this is that it will be integrated directly into Amazon's growing connection ecosystem. dispositives. That means that you can verify what's on Premium premium add-on channels by simply talking to Alexa. That feature may not change the game, but it is still useful and only serves to reinforce the case of subscribing to these channels if you are an Amazon Prime member not subscribed to them elsewhere.

For now, this is not a good option to impersonate a subscription to Sling, PS Vue, etc., but it is a main feature that is worth continuing to grow and evolve.

Pluto TV

  Pluto TV

Price: Free

Includes main networks: N / A (CBSN, NBC News and MSNBC news programming available)

Compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS, Roku, web browsers, select Sony, Samsung and Zivio Smart TV

Number of simultaneous transmissions: N / A

For who it is: Live TV broadcast novices who want to see what this whole fuss is all about

Pluto TV It could be a new name for some, but the service has been silently connecting since 2013. Like the other services on this list, it has become a solution for those who want easy access to a library both live and online. alive. Demand content: everything from TV series to movies, to popular Internet content creators. However, unlike the others, Pluto TV is totally free.

Pluto TV presents more than 40 live channels including CNBC, MSNBC, Sky News, movie and live sports channels, plus 15 music streaming channels. [19659003] No, really. For the attractive price of zero dollars per month, Pluto TV will give you access to selected content from more than 40 live channels, including CNBC, MSNBC, Sky News, movie and live sports channels, plus 15 music streaming channels . Users will also enjoy a library of on-demand content.

Probably think "What's the trick?" The answer is simple: Ads. Pluto TV is fully publicized. These ads can not be skipped, but it can be a price worth paying for totally free content.

The other caveat is that most of these channels are not really TV channels, but internet channels, which means things from websites and online creators like IGN, CNET and Cheddar, instead of traditional television channels. Anyway, you'll still get those, but you will not find any of the major primetime or favorite cable networks like Comedy Central, Syfy or FX here.

You will not find many special features here either: without DVR, without user profiles, etc. However, PlutoTV has a solid collection of free, curated television, film, music and Internet video content, and is available on a respectable number of platforms. For those who are considering immersing themselves in the online television broadcast, Pluto TV is a good dive on the toes.

For a more in-depth discussion, refer to our PlutoTV explainer.


Price: $ 45 per month for more than 70 channels ($ 20 special introductory price for the first month); additional packages ranging from $ 3- $ 15

Free trial version: Free seven-day trial, 30-day free trial for Roku users (available until July 8, 2018) [19659004] Including main networks: NBC, CBS, Fox, CW

Compatible devices: Amazon Fire TV (Beta), Android, Android TV (beta), Apple TV, Chromecast , iOS, Roku, web browsers

Number of simultaneous transmissions: Two

For whom it is: Those who practice live sports, and not much else

Some of the above services have been notable for their sports content (YouTube TV and Hulu, in particular), but if only care about sports, you'll want to check out FuboTV. This is another relatively new service that has gained recognition for the niche it attracts, especially after being announced as a way to easily see Super Bowl 52 with its free trial version.

FuboTV offers more than 65 channels for $ 45 per month, although its first month will only be $ 20 at the time of publication. NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, NBA TV, Pac 12 Network and Olympic Channel are just some examples of its heavy sports range, along with a small handful of other channels such as HGTV and FX.

Sports nuts would have to spend more money on another service to get a share of the channels offered by FuboTV, but there is a flagrant omission on their sports lists: ESPN. The service currently does not include ESPN or ABC channels, and can not be used to access ESPN + through the ESPN application, so if these are a basic element of your sports coverage consumption, FuboTV will not satisfy your appetite

Given its niche appeal, it is difficult to recommend FuboTV to anyone who is not a fan of sports; If you want to watch the evening news or watch the next episodes of your favorite network comedies, we advise you to look elsewhere.

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