Cool Jobs You Could Have in the Future

With digitization and automation, slowly but surely replacing people with robots or computers in the work force, it is becoming increasingly clear that most of the jobs we know today have a very limited lifespan. Of course, people need work in order for the economy to work, and what, perhaps, would replace the jobs we have today? New jobs, of course!
Here are some hypothetical assignments that can give you an idea of ​​what this might look like in the future.

Robo Coach
Contrary to popular belief, robots will not be able to learn everything through programming. We will need a certain number of people who will lead and train the robots so that they can use their training as well as possible.

Drone Pilot
As an ordinary pilot, only you really did not work.

Virtual Security Officer
. With automatic cars and automatic boats on the horizon, it only makes sense that someone will have to protect them from cyber attacks. Imagine terrorist groups breaking into cars to drive people to people.

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