Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ Review

What is the Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+?

Sonic electric toothbrushes do not have to be expensive. The Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ costs less than £ 20, but offers a surprisingly good cleaning.

With a practical travel cap and clever toothbrush heads that even contain a tongue cleaner, the Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ is a valuable entry. electric toothbrush level.

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Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ – Design and Features

The Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ is a fairly simple electric toothbrush, with a smooth black body that does not It is much larger than a standard manual brush. The Omron weighs little more than a manual toothbrush, too.

On the front there is a single button that turns the toothbrush on and off. While it is on, there is a two minute timer with pulses of 30 seconds that take it to the next quadrant of the mouth.

The toothbrush is shipped with a single Colgate ProClinical 360 brush head. Given the price, a single brush head seems to be of reasonable value. Replacements cost around £ 9 for a pack of four, which has excellent value, with each head lasting around three months.

The brush head is pretty smart. The longer bristles around the sides of the brush can reach spaces, while the soft rubber cup in the middle helps polish the spots.

 Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ against teeth

On the back there is a rubber pad, which you can use to clean your tongue or the inside of your cheeks.

 Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ tongue cleaner

A charge of 10 hours through the wireless charging station should give you about two weeks of use. A battery indicator provides notification when the battery is running low.

Cleverly, the Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ is shipped with a travel cover that slides over the top of the toothbrush, keeping it clean and preventing the power button from being pushed. 19659003]  Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ cap

Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+: Brush performance

I started loading the test teeth with beet and spinach, pushing the food between the holes in the teeth. Then I cleaned them using the two-minute timer, moving the dial every 30 seconds.

 Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ Beet Teeth

The toothbrush head did a good job of stretching the teeth and pulling out the food, while the softer pad removed the stains . It took a bit of work to aim everything, since the head of the brush is a bit soft. In the end, most of the food had been removed, sweep a couple of very small spots. Given the price, that's an impressive performance.

 Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ clean teeth with beet tint

Testing the Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ on myself, I found that the head of the toothbrush was a bit soft for my taste AND With up to 30,000 brush movements per minute, it is not as powerful as the high-end competition. I was able to clean my mouth well, although I had to concentrate on some areas to completely eliminate all the plaque.

However, given the price of this toothbrush, its cleaning capacity is really very good. And, since it's a sonic model, the ProClinical 250+ is also very quiet with only 61.6dB.

Why buy the Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+?

If you're looking for a decent electric toothbrush that makes it clean, the Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ is hard to beat. With a two-minute timer and an intelligent brush head that also has a tongue cleaner, you'll have a hard time finding more features at this price.

If your budget is lengthened, you can buy a more powerful toothbrush with better cleaning and head options. For the basics, this is an excellent choice.


The Colgate Omron ProClinical 250+ offers excellent cleaning at an affordable price.

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