Cloud Nine The Airshot Review

What is Cloud Nine The Airshot?

Cloud Nine The Airshot is the company's only hair dryer, and complements its wide range of well-known curling irons and wands.

The brand has respectable roots. Its founder is one of the original founders of GHD and Cloud Nine aims for a similar market, as a premium brand for those who want to spend a little more.

Airshot promises 2000w of power, with tourmaline and vitamins. Ceramic heating elements infused to protect your hair while styling.

Cloud Nine The Airshot – Design and features

The Airshot keeps things pretty simple with their design, but looks elegant, with a soft and matte finish. The feeling of black is relatively compact too, even when one of the included nozzles is added. It comes with a choice of 60mm and 75mm options to suit different hair types and styles: a diffuser is available separately (£ 15).

It is very well assembled and feels extremely resistant, although it is a bit heavy. at 625g. Nor is it the best balanced in the hand: the main body of the dryer seems to hold a lot of the weight, which makes it feel a bit unbalanced when you hold it.

All this combined means that it can be exhausting to keep it pressed for longer periods, although the handle is comfortable and the controls are well placed, at least for right-handed use, falling where the thumb does to facilitate access. If you are a left-handed user, you might find it a little more uncomfortable.

Here are two heating and speed switches, with three heat settings and two for speed. There's also a LED on the back that will light up when the dryer is working to tell you what heat setting you're using, although it's not the kind of thing you'll see often, unless you look in the mirror or look at it. drying someone else's hair

Inside the handle, you will also find a small enough surface button to activate the cold shot. This works well, since it does not require much effort to keep it pressed for as long as you need it.

The cable is thick and durable, and measures 2.7m, which means that it should give you enough room to maneuver, even if your plug is a little further away from your dresser.

The placement of the included nozzles is really simple, with guide marks on the dryer and the nozzles themselves, which you can pair to slide them.

They are easy to install. to slide in or out, although if we are being really demanding, the threads for them are placed unusually on the outside main body, while most dryers hide it inside. This means that it looks a bit ugly if you do not have a mouthpiece connected.

Cloud Nine The Airshot – Performance

I measured Airshot's highest air velocity at 21 m / s at its highest and highest settings. This managed to dry my test cloth in 1 minute and 40 seconds, which is one of the fastest I recorded; In actual use, I did not find the hottest mode on the scalp, as with other models.

The cool shot button is particularly effective here as well. The temperature drops quickly, even from the warmest, and it is very cold, doing a great job to cool the hair quickly to maintain style and body.

It is also quite silent and I measured 101dB at its highest level. The Airshot sounds much quieter because it has a lower tone, which makes it less irritating to the ears.

In use, I discovered that the Airshot was drying hair quickly, which, given its slightly heavier weight, is a good thing. I also liked the two nozzles: they directed the air flow well and having the option of different sizes gives you a customizable control for different styles of hairstyle.

It really helps keep the frizz at bay as well, and I also noticed that it had less overflights, thanks to Airshot's antistatic technology.

Should I buy Cloud Nine The Airshot?

There is no doubt that Cloud Nine's The Airshot is at the most expensive end of the hair dryer spectrum, but if it has thick hair, it may be worth investing due to the fast drying and minimization of frizz.

Those with thinner hair will benefit from fewer flights compared to cheaper models, but they may not see a big difference in drying time. [19659003] That said, the general experience here is excellent for all types of hair, from design to operation, it's a shame it's a bit heavy.


A premium hair dryer with a thoughtful design and great performance. If only I was not so heavy.

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