Google has worked to make Android apps feel at home in Chrome OS, and we have certainly come a long way. Your applications will be even more integrated soon with support for shortcuts of applications on the desktop of the Chrome operating system. This function is only in the development channel at this time, but finally it should be filtered to beta and stable.

The "application shortcuts" we are talking about are what used to be called "initiator shortcuts" during the N developer progress. These are shortcuts to the useful and recommended features of the application that appear when you long press the icons. Now, you can do the same with your Android applications in Chrome OS.

To test this function, be sure to be in the development channel. Then, go to chrome: // flags / # enable-touchable-app-context-menu to enable shortcuts to applications. Currently, shortcuts to applications only appear for Android applications that are anchored to your shelf at the bottom of the screen. However, you can not drag the shortcuts to fix them in Chrome OS as you can in Android.