What is Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill?

Based on the principles of Kamado grill-style best flat top grill cooking, but with the control capacity and features in abundance, Char-Broil Kamander charcoal grill turns charcoal roast into art into a science.

Instead of ceramic, the Char-Broil is constructed of insulated double-wall steel. This allows it to heat up quickly and evenly, with a temperature range of 50 ° C to smoke at 345 ° C to burn.

Your 20-inch diameter grill provides enough space for cooking, roasting or smoking, enough for a 20 lb. (9 kg) turkey, a large meat set or 14 hamburgers, so feed a group of four Six should not be any problem.

Char-Broil best flat top grill charcoal design and features

Although still egg-shaped, there are some notable differences in the design of Kamander. The first is its easily accessible shock absorbers, which control the temperature.

In addition to a regulator on top to adjust the smoke outlet, there is another regulator on the stainless steel side shelf, instead of on the bottom, like many kamados. – that controls the amount of air aspirated.

Open both to 5 and the internal temperature will trigger. Bring them to 1 and you will have the perfect environment to smoke or cook slowly. Closing both closes the grill. Inside, there is a two-part grill (which divides so that more charcoal can be added) on top of a drip tray, charcoal grill and ash-tray.

A temperature indicator at a glance incorporated into the lid, while a large, thick handle to open it is courtesy of Char-Broil’s barbecue heritage: it is well above the junction for Keep your fingers away from the flares.

An best flat top grill extendable foldable shelf on one side provides a substantial space preparation, while the hooks along the edge allow you to hang utensils. There is also a shelf at the bottom for accessories, a removable stainless steel heating shelf that can be adjusted in two different heights and a pair of sturdy wheels so that the entire unit can move easily.

Another advantage is its efficiency – it requires less than 1 kg of cooking coal.

Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill – How does it feel to use?

I consider myself reasonably capable, but in spite of this it took two of us to build the Kamander. Although only a wrench and a screwdriver are required to assemble, some parts are bulky, and the elements like the tray have holes for the screws difficult to reach, which means that someone has to lift it while it is fixed.

It took about an hour to arm the Kamander. Then, it needed to be seasoned, which meant covering the entire interior with oil and preparing a charcoal fire to burn for an hour. Complete preparation, I was ready to cook.

Once lit, the barbecue took around 25 minutes to reach 180ºC, with the regulators adjusted between 2 and 3. The instructions advised you to start cooking at low temperature and then raise it, instead of trying to reduce it from high temperatures.

I started by adding chicken and pepper skewers and whole chicken legs to the grill. The gate at the top grew quite hot, so I felt it necessary to touch the edge only when making adjustments (or you could use an oven glove).

At first I found it quite frustrating. not being able to see the cooking progress without opening the lid, which lets out the heat. To a certain extent, you must trust that the food is cooking and not be tempted to review it too often.

Every time he did, he also had to ‘burp & # 39; the barbecue, lifting the lid a couple of times to prevent the eruptions. After about 25 minutes, I eliminated the chicken skewers. They were all well cooked, not dry, and only lightly browned.

The marinated legs took just under an hour to fully cook, as they were quite thick and directly from the refrigerator. Once again, they were remarkably tender and juicy, with no burned or dried areas; The style of “oven” cooking helps seal moisture.

By raising the temperature to 200-250ºC by opening the regulators to just over 4, I added sausages and hamburgers to the grill. After 15 minutes of cooking, I noticed that the grill was not so hot in the back, so I moved the food.

In addition to this blip, the Kamander was forgiving and efficient to use. The food can be cooked for a while without drying or burning, and generally produces even results. The burgers and sausages were kept for about 30 minutes and were well cooked and succulent.

The lid design produces much less smoke than an open barbecue, making it friendly and excellent for those with smaller gardens. ; It is not necessary to place the Kamander too far from where you are sitting.

However, it also does not produce any tempting cooking odor unless the lid is open, which many might argue is part of Barbacoa’s appeal.

Grills and drip tray require scrubbing to remove burnt debris. These pieces also fit in a dishwasher and come out bright ready to be used again.

Why buy Char-Broil Kamander Charcoal Grill?

The assembly, the best flat top grill combinations seasoning and the price mean that this grill is not an impulse purchase, but more an investment in the coming years. The kamander is designed to be robust, reliable and give confidence to a beginner, as well as expanding the horizons of chefs who want to improve without losing a smoky flavor.

In addition to putting an end to charred sausages and undercooked meat, the Kamander makes realistic regular barbecues with their quick heating times and relatively simple cleaning. This makes it a great buy for families as well as enthusiastic entertainers.

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