Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (Nintendo Switch) Review

Available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch

It hurts to revisit Captain Toad on the Nintendo Switch. When it was released on Wii U in 2014, I enjoyed its simple but attractive game; finding an adorable game that exudes charm. He managed to expand into the small side levels that are inside Super Mario 3D World in a complete experience with new mechanics and ideas. It was a big surprise to many. That is why it is so disappointing to say that this port does not manage to recapture the charm, despite being apparently the same game, due to the way in which the port was handled.

Captain Toad was very much a Wii U game, perhaps more than most Nintendo titles on the device. He saw that Captain Toad had to traverse a set of detailed and carefully designed dioramas that worked like puzzles that you had to work through, collecting hidden gems before reaching a star at the end. There's a reference story that involves Captain Toad trying to save Toadette from Wingo, a giant bird that took her away because she clung desperately to a star they found on an adventure together, but the story is basically irrelevant, since the puzzles They are the focus here.

Great use was made of the Gamepad and the dual screen on Wii U in a way that realized the controller's potential. You have gears that you have activated on the touch screen, with the touch also used to move platforms and freeze the enemies instead. You had minicarra levels that showed the action on the screen while you gave a first person perspective on the gamepad where you could throw turnips using gyro controls. Here, the touch screen is only accessible when playing portable. Therefore, changes had to be made for Switch.

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  Captain's Toad

The Nintendo solution turned out without a touch screen when it is docked is a pointing system. When playing this way, there would be a pointer on the screen, controlled using the built-in gyroscope inside the controller. Because of this, using the Switch Pro Controller may seem clumsy as a pointer, making the use of Joy Con practically a necessity. In the course of several riddles there may be certain objects that must be touched to make them move, or it may be necessary to freeze an enemy in their place.

On Wii U this was done by simply tapping on them, but here you put the pointer on the object and press the ZR button on the controller. The point is that it never feels satisfying or accurate. One of the benefits of this is the inclusion of a Mario Galaxy-style cooperative version where one player controls Toad and the other tosses tomatoes on the screen to eliminate enemies and control the camera and everything the pointer would use to play. alone.

However, the pointer moves constantly, which requires you to adjust it hard. In addition, the physical force needed to touch the Gamepad screen made this action receptive, especially when freezing enemies, while the more precise and less tangible nature of the pointer controls never feels as if you have control.

Of course, you can play in portable mode to rectify this, but then you have to limit your game away from the TV, and the difference in the design of the buttons and the size of the screen can make some controls feel awkward and that no adjustments have been made to make it more suitable for the system.

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  Captain's Toad

Using the gears also feels less satisfying. In TV mode, at these points, you must turn the right stick or make circular movements with your finger to turn the mechanism, which does not have the satisfaction of turning the gear by hand on the screen.

Mine car levels have been the most affected by the transition, and they also harbor the strangest design options in terms of turning Captain Toad into Switch. Originally, these moments were handled using gyro controls, physically moving the Gamepad to look around as you moved along the rails, firing turnips at the enemies and gems you saw on the way. This should, in theory, be easily replicated through the controller's built-in gyroscope, but when you play on a television you can not use this control option at all.

He is forced to use the analog lever to move the camera and aim, which makes these moments uncomfortable to play, and feels unnecessarily limited, especially when this option is preserved while playing in hand mode. All this comes together in a way that damages things as a whole. All the time it feels like you're fighting the controls. There is also a fun outing under a myriad of problems here.

As I mentioned earlier, in terms of content, it is basically exactly the same as in Wii U, so there is a set of fun and varied riddles in this package. The visuals are charming and clean in a way that not only looks beautiful but also helps guide the player through the level. There is also a lot of content included here. Each puzzle can be revisited to collect all the gems and complete special challenges, such as not defeating any enemy.

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  captain's toad

The only previous amiibo bonus to look for Pixel Toad in each level is now incorporated into the game, adding more content, even if to Sometimes it can be frustrating to find. The amiibo toad now grants a fungus of invincibility to the player. If you do all these challenges, you unlock the possibility of participating in the time trial, to see if you can beat the target time for a level. Moving 100% will take time.

A new component of the Switch port is a set of 4 new levels based on Super Mario Odyssey. Each of these takes a realm of the platform game and condenses it into a single diorama, and these are some of the best riddles so far, doing a great job of taking all the unique elements of the realms and uniting everything. But even this has some negative points.

These are the only pieces of new content, but the time required to complete each of these levels, which is only unlocked after finishing the main story, is approximately 20 minutes, if not less. In addition to this, some special levels based on Super Mario 3D World have been removed!

Although these were different from the rest, since they were not riddles, but exact replicas of levels from which one could explore, it is still disappointing. to see them absent from what you would assume would be a complete package. These levels of Super Mario Odyssey epitomize the problems that Captain Toad has in Switch. For every positive point and strong element, something else implemented to adapt it to Switch reduces the quality of the global package.

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  Captain Toad


I mentioned how it hurts to revisit Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and this is the reason. Here is a delightfully competent puzzle, but it is difficult to recommend without a lot of warnings.

If you have not played Captain Toad yet and have solved charming and delightful riddles, it might be worth trying if the price goes down, although the starting price is lower than most to start with.

If possible, and if you have a Wii U, it would be better if you dusted off that system and played it there.

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