You Can Now Make Google Assistant Talk Like Issa Rae

Issa Rae, the American actress, writer, director and producer, has lent her voice to Google Assistant. Once enabled, certain questions will generate answers from Issa Rae, including jokes and references only for Rae fans and their work.

In April 2019, Google persuaded John Legend to lend his voice to the Google Assistant

Now make the Google Assistant sound like John Legend

Now you can make Google Assistant sound like John Legend

If you’re tired of hearing the standard voice of Google Assistant now you can make Google Assistant sound like John Legend.
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. This meant that he could ask the Assistant several questions, and the answers would be provided by Legend himself. Now, a second celebrity has added her voice to the Assistant.

How to make Google Assistant sound like Issa Rae

As announced in The Keyword, you can now change Google Assistant’s voice to Issa Rae. Google describes this as “a cameo” that will be available “in English for a limited time in the United States.” So, if you are a fan of Issa Rae, you should enable his voice while you can.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Issa Rae, he started as YouTuber and made his name with the web series, Awkward Black Girl. He then created and starred in Insecure for HBO. Since then it has appeared in several films and television programs in addition to Insecure.

To change the voice of Google Assistant to Issa Rae, you have two options. You can say: “Hello Google, talk like Issa” or go to Settings> Google Assistant> Voice Assistant and choose Issa Rae from the available options.

As this is a cameo, Rae has not recorded answers for every question. However, you can ask him the weather, ask him to tell you a joke, ask him what he thinks of you and even activate Easter eggs like “Hello Google, do you love Daniel or Lawrence?”

Google Assistant Tips for newbies and veterans

While in the United States and chatting in English, you should be able to hear Issa Rae’s voice on any device that has the Google Assistant. Including your smartphone and tablet, Google Home smart speakers and smart screens like Nest Hub Max.

If you are new to using the Google Assistant, here is our guide that explains how to use the Google Assistant

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. And if you already have the basics and are looking to take things to the next level, here are some Google Assistant IFTTT recipes to increase your productivity

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