Call of Duty is the biggest mobile game launch ever, with 100 million downloads

Call of Duty: Mobile had a huge week, with more downloads than any other mobile game in history, according to analyst firm Sensor Tower. The game has been reported to have achieved more than 100 million downloads since its launch earlier this month.

Sensor Tower Call of Duty & # 39; Biggest rival. But there is a warning. For example, PUBG Mobile received 28 million downloads in its first week, but the rollout staggered in several regions. Meanwhile, the mobile version of Fortnite was downloaded 22.5 million times, but initially it was only available on iOS.

Still, the figures for Call of Duty: Mobile are particularly impressive. . Not yet released in China. Randy Nelson of the Sensor Tower said, “This is the largest mobile game release ever, in terms of the player base that was built in the first week so far. For comparison, the company recorded 90 million downloads in the previous week of the Mario Kart Tour .

Sensor Tower says iOS accounted for 55.7% of downloads for Call of Duty: Mobile Occupied

Despite no domestic release, Call of Duty: Mobile was developed by Tencent TiMi Studio in Shenzhen, China and published by Activision. TiMi was previously best known as the [LeagueofLegends -style mobile MOBA Honor of Kings and in some indicators is the most popular game on the planet.

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