Bissell Stain Eraser Cordless Spot & Stain Review

What is Bissell Stain Eraser Cordless Spot & Stain?

Bissell Stain Eraser is a rechargeable shampoo with wireless portability to instantly eliminate party spills or cover old spots on the car's upholstery. Spray, scrub and vacuum moisture as a full-sized cleaner in a handy hand shape.

We can not blame the stain cleaner for its effective cleaning, excellent chemicals and wireless versatility. It takes a while to get used to the volume of spray, and the cleaning of spots can leave a clean patch, but for small spills and spots is a very useful gadget.

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Bissell Stain Eraser Cordless Spot & Stain – Design and features

We have been working our way through the range of Bissell carpet cleaning. Here we have the most compact and portable shampoo of the brand: the Stain Eraser. It is small, lightweight, rechargeable and is ready for action at any time. Well, the drop of a glass of red wine most likely.

The cleaning concept is the same as Bissell's largest cleaner, the Bissell StainPro 10. Spray the area with a mixture of hot tap water and cleaning solution, leave for a couple of minutes, and then shake with the brush. Then, just vacuum the moisture, complete with the stain.

Dry, the Stain Eraser weighs only 1.7 kg and is easy to maneuver thanks to its handle located in the center. Happily it will stand erect or lying for storage. As a result of the rechargeable battery, this cleaner is one of the most convenient to use outside the home. The cushions for patio furniture and car upholstery are no longer a network extension cable too far.

The construction and the feeling of being up to the high standards of Bissell. The handle has a rubber surface for more grip, and the spray trigger is well placed underneath. The main on / off button is a bubble button with a positive click.

The cleaning tank simply pulls the front, while the waste tank separates from below. Both the plastic front suction channel and the small agitation brush at the business end disengage to facilitate cleaning.

The charge takes approximately four hours to be totally flat. We have about 20 minutes of suction of that load. It may not look like much, but if you can not change a spot in that kind of time, it's probably not going to change.

Bissell Spotclean Pro Cordless Spot & Stain – Accessories

Open the box and you get the Stain Eraser, a wall charger with cable, manual and two bottles of shampoo. The primary fluid is Bissell & # 39; s Spot & Stain clean. It is a clear formula with a relatively sweet smell that will not fill with foam. For the drier and drier spots, you get the additional solution Bissell Oxy Boost. Use active oxygen bubbles to unearth spots that you might have thought were permanent features. We have been using Oxy Bissell chemicals in cleaning products for years with great effect, so this is an excellent addition to the package.

Bissell offers a range of other shampoos and optional supplements as well. These include a formula for pet stains and odors for unspeakable pet-based stains and glass cleaning chemicals with optional squeegee attachment.

The clean water tank of The Stain Eraser is a compact 230 ml. The first filling mark for warm tap water is approximately 200 ml, and the cleaning formula adds 30 ml at the top. The waste tank is considerably larger, although the filling line is halfway in the 200 ml mark. That's more than enough for one spot or two.

From completely flat, it takes approximately four hours for a full charge. Three blue LED segments light up on the handle to indicate the charged capacity. However, we would prefer an adequate loading dock instead of the base of the fly. While you can leave the connection cable plugged in permanently, so the unit is ready to run all the time, it does not encourage it the way a dock would.

The opportunity of Sod's law to be flat like a pancake when that emergency spill occurs is therefore high.

Bissell Stain Eraser Cordless Spot & Stain – Performance

The Stain Eraser will most likely be hidden in a closet when a spill occurs. You will also need to fill with hot water and solution before it is used. When the Asti hits the Axminster, we calculate that it will take between 5 and 10 minutes before you can hit the spot with the Bissell. So that's the time it took us to try the red wine spill soak before continuing.

Be sure to point the eraser stain towards the stain. Oh, how obvious it sounds in hindsight. The spray is broad and quite powerful: the Stain Eraser threw a 2-meter jet through the room into a high-fidelity system when, inadvertently, we pressed the trigger with the unit upright.

Spray directly on the stained area, the output is also prodigious. The only thing you probably need is a few seconds to soak the area. The Stain Eraser will happily empty your entire cleaning tank in 30 to 40 seconds if you hold down the trigger. The foam forms foam on the surface, which gives you an idea of ​​where it has gone.

Depending on the liquid and the stain, the manual recommends a soaking time of up to five minutes. That's not necessary in fresh spills like our wine tasting, but with old stains and using the Oxy Boost, it definitely helps.

Even before we started scrubbing, we could see the cleaning fluid doing its thing. A little scrubbing and then drawing the suction nozzle back through the area produced an impressive one-time cleaning. A second spray, scrubbing and suction, and the spilling of wine had completely vanished.

The suction power of the Stain Eraser clearly does not have the snarl of a full-sized network shampoo, but it's enough. With the air flow concentrated in the small nozzle, you can see a lot of liquid and foam entering the waste tank. The result was a wet carpet that dried at room temperature quite quickly.

The waste tank suggested that we had aspirated half the total fluid used and that the water had a distinctive red wine glow. Unhooking and emptying the tanks, giving the Stain Eraser a quick clean and reassembling it is super slippery. By the time it dried on the squeegee and was back on the loading platform, the test patch on the carpet was almost dry. No trace of red wine was evident. Perfect.

In the fabric upholstery, it is necessary to have a little caution with the prodigious spray. Little and often is the way to go. A second coat may be required to help prevent the fabric from sucking into the mouthpiece, although we did not find that problem.

As we have discovered with other point-cleaning machines, be careful with where and what you are cleaning. Going to a stained spot in the middle of a filthy carpet can leave it with an impeccably clean patch that looks more obvious that the original stain. In that case, you're going to need a shampoo with much more coverage than the Stain Eraser.

In older spots, the results are a little more variable. That drop of Dulux from 1988 or the motor oil of your Triumph Bonneville can be a challenge too far. But for day-to-day marks, dirt and stains, we still have not found anything that Stain Eraser and Oxy Boost / Spot Clean solutions do not change. Given their rechargeable portability, these brands can be placed on any carpet, rug, staircase, upholstery, garden furniture or in the car.

If you've ever searched frantically on Google, "what to use in a spill of" then the Stain Eraser is for you. It is not necessary to throw a good white wine over red wine, vinegar over tomato juice, salt over coca cola or moisturizing cream over lipstick. Just take out the Stain Eraser and the work will be ready.

Why buy Bissell Stain Eraser Cordless Spot & Stain?

With the caveat that a shiny patch of carpet or upholstery could look even more obvious than a weak spot, Bissell & # 39; s Stain Eraser is an exceptionally useful and effective stain cleaner. The excellent cleaning solutions of Bissell, together with the good suction power of the Stain Eraser and its excellent portability, make it ideal for emergency spills and old stains.

In a larger house we would opt for a full-size shampoo with a detail tool, but for an instant spill cleanup and freshening of your car's upholstery, the eraser requires some bumps.

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An excellent small point cleaner, ideal for spills and stains inside your home and car.

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