The best reviews of portable DVD players for your car (in 2019)

From work to school, social commitments and parenthood, etc., you are a busy person. When on the move, you may not want to use up your tablet or phone watching movies or reading a book when you have no guarantee that you can charge your devices in the short term.

You may go on many road trips with your children, and you are getting tired of using your phone to play and watch movies. You are fine with car entertainment, as long as your productivity doesn’t stop you.

You’ve probably been watching portable DVD players for a while, but there are so many options and bells and whistles to choose from, it’s getting a bit tedious. If you are looking for a portable DVD player of adequate quality for your travel needs, you are in the right place.

I understand that you are a busy person. That’s why I worked to find high quality technology for you, such as wireless headphones, so you don’t have to waste your valuable time researching something. Now, I have taken the time to gather the best portable DVD options available today, so you can review the 7 options, read the essentials, order what works for you and move on.

Whether for car travel, airplane attractions, moving entertainment or a multitude of other purposes, here you will find the best portable DVD player to meet your needs. In addition, I have ensured that each of these products is not simply the “cheapest” in its category, but is profitable and still highly revised.

Best portable DVD players (Regular)

These DVD players are not here for bells and whistles. They are functional, well made, highly revised and easy to understand. These are the best normal portable DVD players.

# Preview Product Rating Price


1  DBPOWER portable DVD player with swivel screen of 9.5 & # 39 ;, 5 hours of construction - in rechargeable battery, support CD / DVD / SD / USB card, with car charger and power adapter (black) DBPOWER portable DVD player with rotating screen of 9.5 “, built-in rechargeable battery of 5 hours, support .. . $ 52.99
2  DBPOWER 10.5 portable DVD player with rechargeable battery, swivel screen, SD card slot and USB port - Black DBPOWER 10.5 “portable DVD with rechargeable battery, rotating display, SD card slot and USB … $ 69.99
3  APEMAN Portable DVD player 7.5 & # 39; & # 39; for children and swivel screen support for car SD card USB CD DVD with AV Input / output port and headphones 4 hours Built-in rechargeable battery APEMAN Portable DVD player 7.5 & # 39; & # 39; for children and swivel screen for car S SD card SD USB CD DVD with AV … $ 39.99
4  ieGeek 11.5 & # 39; Portable DVD player with SD card / USB port, 5-hour rechargeable battery, eye protection screen, Supports AV-IN / OUT, free region, purple ieGeek 11.5 “Portable DVD player with SD card / USB port, 5-hour rechargeable battery, protection for the eyes … $ 54.89  DR. J Professional 12.5 DVD player with built-in 5-hour rechargeable battery, USB port, slot for SD card, 10.5-inch internal swivel screen, no region, 1.8 m car adapter and battery adapter DR. J Professional 12.5 “portable DVD player with built-in 5-hour rechargeable battery, USB port, .. . $ 59.99
6  DR . J Professional 11.5 & # 39; Portable DVD Player with 5 Hours built-in rechargeable battery, USB port, SD card slot, 9.5-inch internal swivel screen, no region, 1.8 m car adapter and power adapter battery DR. J Professional 11.5 “Portable DVD Player with 5 hours of built-in rechargeable rechargeable Battery, USB port, … $ 49.99
7  HD JUNTUNKOR 12.5 Portable DVD Player & # 39; with 5-hour rechargeable battery, unique design for dual use, 10.1 HD rotating display, # Car headrest case, Remote control, Car charger, USB / SD card reader HD JUNTUNKOR 12.5 “portable DVD player with 5-hour rechargeable battery, Unique design for dual use … $ 65.99
8  Zuggear Car Headrest Mount Holder Strap Case for player Swivel and flip portable DVD - 9 inches to 9.5 inches Zuggear Car Headrest Mount Holder Strap Swivel and flip portable DVD player strap – 9 inches … $ 9.99
9  DBPOWER Player 10.5-inch portable DVD with rechargeable battery, SD card slot and USB port - Black DBPOWER 10.5-inch portable DVD player with rechargeable battery, SD card slot and USB port – Black $ 39.99
10 [19659060] 17.5 & # 39; portable DVD player with large 15.6 & # 39; HD screen, 6-hour rechargeable battery, USB / SD / TV sync card and multiple disc formats , high-volume speaker, black “/> 17.5 “portable DVD player with large 15.6” HD screen, 6-hour rechargeable battery, USB / SD support … $ 109.99

1. SUNPIN 11 “portable DVD player with 9.5 inch HD rotating screen – Best price Portable DVD player

 SUNPIN 11" Portable DVD player "width =" 300 "height =" 250 SUNPIN has created a convenient and complete laptop DVD player with multiple functions at low cost This device can not only be synchronized at home and used with two headphones at the same time, but it is checked very positively on Amazon and can be mounted on the hand or in the car.

The highlight of this great option is its low cost and good quality.Many portable DVD players of this same quality are around the $ 100 mark, and this even comes with more attachments and functions that many of them.

Here are the details:

  • Screen size: This option comes with a 9.5 inch swivel screen in HD.
  • Supported formats: SD cards, USB , CD, DVD and multiple disc formats, also as connectable to televisions through an AV cable.
  • Weight: 2.9 lb [19659070] Remote control included: The SUNPIN portable DVD player comes with a remote control. This remote control is not necessarily easy to use, with 44 smaller buttons.
  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Mountable: Yes
  • Main highlight: Excellent price

This The mini DVD player has an excellent price with excellent reviews, but there is many features that make it a considerable option for road trips with younger children:

  • HD rotating screen
  • Two headphone jacks so that every child can have headphones [19659078] Headrest mounting bracket
  • Larger brightness
  • Remote control included
  • Various color options
  • Five-hour playback time
  • Car charger and power adapter included
  • Economical price

There is almost always a low correlation Cost and low review with portable DVD players, but this one has a good price with several decent reviews. However, here is a brief compiled list of the pros and cons of the Amazon reviews mentioned for this great option:


  • Excellent price
  • Quality image
  • Excellent customer service [19659078] Easy compatibility
  • Ideal for children
  • Excellent for road trips
  • The quality for the price is fantastic


  • Reduction of battery life
  • The screen can easily break under certain conditions

While this is not the highest quality portable DVD player available on the market, it is a great addition to any trip by road and has an excellent price. Overall, this has 5-star reviews and easy-to-work customer service if expectations are not met.


2. UEME portable DVD player with 10.1-inch LCD screen: best portable car DVD player

 UEME portable DVD player "width =" 300 "height =" 250 This portable movie player is fantastic with reviews High, A good price range, functionality and ease of use. Its main selling point is that its screen measures 10.1 inches and also rotates 180 degrees. This function is useful, as it can be easily portable or adapt to a tablet-style DVD player to easily mount on the back of a headrest.

With everything you need included at a great price and a complete remote control combined with a high-quality DVD Player, you’re getting a lot for your money.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Screen size: This comes with a 10.1 inch screen capable of rotating 180 degrees and folding into “tablet mode” for easy hold and mounted display. Resolution HD 1024 * 600.
  • Supported formats: DVD, CD, USD, SD card, AV cable
  • Weight: 2.2 lb
  • Remote control Included: The remote control includes 40 easy-to-understand rubber buttons.
  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Mountable: Yes
  • Main highlight: 180 degree swivel head / good reviews

Some Key features of this great portable DVD player include:

  • Anti-shock design
  • Lightweight
  • Wall charger and car charger (cigarette lighter) included [19659078] Saves the place of the film when it is turned off
  • Adjustable canvas headrest cover
  • Remote control included
  • Convenient price
  • 180 degree swivel screen for tablet mode
  • Connects to televisions
  • SD card slot

As With any technology, there are ups and downs in the design, function and reliability of the product. Are you curious to know how this is in the eyes of your buyers? These are the pros and cons that you may consider based on some mentions in the reviews:


  • Easy to use
  • Lasting (even with young children)
  • Good battery charge [19659078] Great product
  • Customer service is easy to work with
  • Large screen
  • Worth the money
  • Great product in general


  • It is necessary to remove it from the stand to insert a DVD
  • Sometimes it is difficult to plug it in to load it
  • The included power cable may be longer [19659093] While this portable DVD player with tablet has many excellent features, it also has a couple of drawbacks to consider. However, if you are using this as a DVD player mounted at your fingertips to exchange movies, it can be a great lifesaver and has a good price. CLICK HERE TO SEE AMAZONAS

    3. DBPOWER 10.5 ″ Portable DVD player with rechargeable battery – Portable DVD player with excellent reviews

     DBPOWER 10.5 "Portable DVD player" width = "300" height = "250 If you are looking for a great product with thousands of 5-star reviews and features to enjoy, we have it covered.
    As our most revised option of regular portable DVD players, the DBPower player comes with a rechargeable lithium battery (which is unique and convenient).
    It also has a large screen, an excellent price and many positive reviews and recommendations. What else can you ask for?

    If you ask, here are the details:

    • Screen size: This fantastic product comes with a 270 degree rotating rotation screen of 10.5 inches in 1024 * 600 HD resolution.
    • Supported formats s: DVD, CD, 32GB USD, SD card, AV cable. You can also connect to TVs using the AV cable for a larger view of the mobile, in case you want to use this versatile option as a regular DVD player occasionally.
    • Weight: 3.55 lb
    • Remote control included: Easy to use understand the remote control in three button colors.
    • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium
    • Mountable: Yes (assembly not included)
    • Main highlight: Best reviews / excellent quality by the price

    While this may seem like a decent option, there is actually more (which makes it an excellent option for a portable DVD player). Here are the points of sale:

    • Thousands of high reviews
    • Remote control easy to understand
    • Great image quality
    • Large screen
    • SD card and USB enabled for digital movies
    • Charger car and power adapter included
    • Rechargeable lithium battery
    • No region (supports DVD from different countries)
    • Large volume
    • Shutdown / start in the same movie scene function
    • Great price [19659074] Rotating and rotating the screen

    With so many customer reviews to read, we think of simplifying things for you and summarizing some key pros and cons:


    • Good quality
    • polite customer [19659078] Functional DVD player
    • Bright and clear screen
    • Good for the price
    • Ideal for children


    • You may have low humwhile running
    • The player may skip if the device moves a lot


    4. PUMPKIN 10.1 ″ Car headrest DVD player with free headphones – The best portable car headrest DVD player

     PUMPKIN 10.1 "Car headrest DVD player" width = "300" height = "250 Some of the above options were not necessarily the top of the food chain when it comes to mounting capacity … and that’s partly because this is it. It has everything you need for the best portable DVD mounted experience: Convenient assembly, excellent playback, easy to change DVDs, and more.

    While it is still accumulating in the reviews, the high praise that has been given so far is a good sign that this mountable DVD player has everything You need for a conveniently stress-free trip and happy children who have their headrest mounted movies on the go.

    Some of The ones you need to know:

    • Screen size: This easy-to-mount screen is 10.1 inches with high HD resolution.
    • Supported formats: Multi-region (many formats), DVD, HDMI, SD card, USB port
    • Weight: 5.1 lb
    • Remote control Included: Convenient remote control to control the screen from the front or rear of a vehicle without reaching or tension.
    • Battery type: Lithium
    • Mountable: A convenient headrest holder with instructions for configuration is included.
    • Main highlight: Excellent DVD player with headrest mounted

    Curious about the features of this high quality mounted movie player? Here you have:

    • HDMI connection
    • Great assembly / easy to understand instructions
    • Easy access to DVD to change movies (cover design)
    • Shutdown / start in the same movie scene function
    • Port headphones
    • Free wireless IR headphones
    • Includes easy-to-use remote control
    • Car charger and wall charger included
    • Excellent reviews

    The pros and cons of a portable DVD player mount Unique are quite varied, but here are some things that previous customers have stated about this product:


    • Safely held to the headrest
    • Great design
    • No problems, excellent image quality
    • Quick and easy to use and install
    • Excellent customer service
    • Highly recommended
    • Great du battery ration
    • Perfect DVD player in general

    Cons [19659096] Occasional sound problems / DVD skipping

If you are looking for r it is a portable DVD player with easy installation and reliable assembly for Entertain children on the move, this is an excellent and affordable option offered by Pumpkin.


5. NAVISKAUTO 10.1 ″ Portable DVD Player with Blu-Ray – Portable Blu-Ray Player

 NAVISKAUTO 10.1 "Portable Blu-Ray" width = "300" height = "250 Many portable DVD players are just that. … DVD No Blu – Ray Fortunately, Naviskauto and some other companies are realizing that the beloved high quality images offered by Blu-Ray discs are also in demand for traveling customers.

Portable DVD is in a higher price range than those listed above, and that is because it is for use with Blu-Ray discs and all that entails.The durability, quality and ease of this movie player will allow you to leave Quickly, your beloved laptops for home games and, instead, let your children see something destined to play movies on the go.

Here is the need to know about e this particular Blu-Ray portable player in particular:

  • Screen size: This has a 10.1-inch screen in decoding Full HD 1080P files for clear Blu-Ray quality wherever you want let it go
  • Supported formats: DVD, CD, no region (many formats), Blu-Ray, HDMI, AV cable, USB, SD card enabled
  • Weight: 4.21 lb
  • Remote control included: Convenient and complete remote control.
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium
  • Mountable: Yes (mounting not included)
  • Main highlight: Blu-Ray player / great quality

If you are a fan of Blu-Ray discs instead of DVDs, this is the perfect portable movie player for you (it actually plays the two 3D Blu-Ray discs, but not the 3D discs).

If you are curious about some more features offered with this device, here they are:

  • Car and wall charger included, AV cable included [19659078] Can be connected to televisions (convenient alternative to Blu-Ray player )
  • Remote control included
  • Audio Dolby
  • Excellent reviews
  • Excellent price

Here are some pros and c add-ons to consider, as mentioned by previous customers:


  • Exceptional device
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fantastic price for high quality
  • Robust construction [19659078] Recharges well
  • Fantastic image quality
  • Pleasant product
  • Excellent on the road


  • The plastic case collects fingerprints / spots easily
  • The loaded The house does not have such a long load
  • You cannot close the mini Blu-Ray player if it is connected to the TV (close the movie)

CLICK HERE TO SEE IN AMAZONAS [19659234] The best portable dual-screen DVD player

We have all had the struggle of children complaining about not being able to see the screen when they are watching a movie in the car. Sometimes it seems that each of them needs their own to have peace and quiet on the trip. But it makes no sense to buy each one their own mini DVD player …

So, how about getting one that comes with two screens? Fortunately, technology is fulfilling the daily struggles of busy parents, and now we have dual-screen options for portable DVD players. Some of these come with their own headphones, can play separate movies to eliminate discussions about what to see, and are generally ingenious.

6. Dual portable DVD players 10.1 ″ for cars: can play different movies

 Naviskauto 10.1 "Dual portable DVD player" width = "300" height = "250 One step above having two screens for children is to have two different movies are played How many times have the dual screens been useful and relieve your travel headache … until one child does not agree with the other about which movie to watch?

Luckily, This excellent option on my best list of portable DVD players has the ability to play two movies at once. It’s almost two by one.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Screen: This player has two 10.1-inch screens in HD Quality.
  • Supported formats: DVD, CD, no region (many formats), AV cable, USB, SD card
  • Weight: 6.23 lb
  • Remote controls included: Not only one, but two remote controls for added convenience, as well as control buttons on the real DVD pl at your fingertips when mounted .
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium
  • Mountable: Yes (mounting straps included)
  • Main highlight: Possibility of playing two movies at once

Here are some of the most important features to help you understand the quality of this product:

  • Play two movies at once or synchronize a movie
  • Wall charger, car charger and AV cable included
  • Five-hour playback time per screen
  • Excellent image quality
  • Fantastic company and customer service
  • Excellent reviews
  • Compatible headphones to reduce car noise

Here There are some points to consider while looking at this elegant and convenient option:


  • Excellent customer service, solve problems easily
  • Easy to use [19659074] Children love
  • Image and sound quality is really good
  • Great seller
  • Love t hese

So far, reviews of This excellent product has been slow to arrive, since they are growing organically because customers really think that the product has exceeded expectations. While there is really no problem, a buyer mentioned that the angles to watch the movie on these mounted players can be strange at times.

However, this general product and the unique features it offers are sufficient for children to overlook two odd angles.


The best portable gaming option

Some children need a little more interaction than just watching a movie or a television series. Many of them prefer to have their hands occupied during a trip (or all the time), and if a Rubix cube is not enough for this activity, perhaps having a portable game console for travel is a good option.

Not everyone is spending more than $ 300 on Nintendo Switch or other game projects; Many are buying portable DVD players that can function as game systems. This is an excellent and versatile option that can keep children entertained on larger screens and for longer periods of time.

7. COOAU 11.5 “Portable DVD Player with Game Joystick – Good reviews Game Option

 COOAU 11.5" Portable DVD Player "Width =" 300 "Height =" 250 This large portable DVD player also offers tons of those innocent and classic arcade games. style games that we imagine from the 80s.
The construction and overall design of this product is durable and made of quality materials, and you can expect to see long-term movies on a protective screen for the eyes and Play fun and harmless games on going.

Here is a general breakdown for your convenience:

  • Screen size: This product has a 9.5-inch screen in HD quality with enhanced brightness. It can also rotate 270 degrees. In addition, its screen is designed to protect the view.
  • Supported formats: DVD, CD, AV cable, USB, SD card, without region for many formats (mini games included)
  • Weight: 2.98 lb
  • Remote controls included: A remote control is included, as well as a DC power adapter.
  • Battery type: Rechargeable lithium
  • Mountable: Yes (not included)
  • Highlight: More than 100 classic games included ( with joystick)

If it sounds too good to be true (a harmless video game console and DVD player wrapped in a glorious package), here are some other features to watch:

  • Excellent reviews
  • Fantastic price [19659074] 180 classic miniature arcade-style games
  • Great audio quality [19659078] “Breakpoint” (turns on again where the movie was left)

If you don’t believe in the wonder of this portable DVD player, chec Describe some of the pros and cons mentioned by hundreds of reviewers on Amazon:


  • Light
  • Practical
  • Long battery life
  • Useful customer service
  • Good quality and image clarity
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Multiple color options are excellent
  • Perfect for long car trips
  • Great as a gift


  • The volume adjustment buttons make sounds


Shopping Guide

Buy a $ 200 portable DVD player for travel It is not necessarily a good idea when there is only a great road trip in the foreseeable future. You probably don’t need to buy two double-screen DVD players if you have more than two children. Maybe you don’t even have children and are looking to buy a portable DVD player for other purposes.

Whatever your goals, here are some general tips and suggestions when choosing the right portable DVD player for you and your family.

Tamaño de pantalla

No lo hace No parece un gran problema hasta que su hijo de cuatro años sentado en la parte trasera de la minivan se queja de que la pantalla es demasiado pequeña para un viaje en automóvil de seis horas.

Asegúrese de que el tamaño de la pantalla y la calidad de las imágenes es aceptable para tu familia. Si tiene un niño más pequeño o niños pequeños, una pantalla grande podría funcionar bien. Si los niños tienen un problema con otros en su “espacio personal”, tal vez sea ideal tener un par de pantallas más pequeñas.

Controles remotos

Algunos reproductores de DVD portátiles vienen con controles remotos convenientes, y otros simplemente se controlan mediante jugador. Si tiene dos o tres (o más) niños que pelearían por el control remoto, tal vez sea mejor tener un par de pantallas controladas sin control remoto.

Además, un control remoto puede ser muy conveniente para los niños más pequeños que comienzan a llorar cuando no pueden escuchar la película, pero a veces puede ser frustrante perder dicho control remoto. Tenga en cuenta todos estos pequeños factores al considerar los mejores reproductores de DVD portátiles enumerados. No a todas las familias les gustan los controles remotos.

Duración de la batería

Principalmente los reproductores de DVD en esta lista (y la mayoría de las opciones portátiles) funcionarán con una carga completa durante cuatro a seis horas. Sin embargo, esto también se puede extender si se usan mientras están enchufados al automóvil. Algunas de estas opciones tienen baterías incorporadas que dificultan la carga del reproductor de películas mientras se usa.

Si su familia realiza viajes regulares con un promedio de aproximadamente cinco horas, un reproductor de DVD portátil con alrededor de cuatro horas es una opción suficiente. . Es tiempo suficiente para una película, tiempo de carga y tiempo para colorear o escuchar música. Si viaja regularmente durante largos períodos de tiempo, intente invertir en un reproductor de DVD portátil que se pueda cargar mientras mira.


A los niños les gusta comer bocadillos durante los viajes en automóvil. ¿Quién no? Pero a veces los dedos pegajosos y las manos que agarran pueden dañar los reproductores de DVD portátiles, y también puede causar discusiones si un niño sostiene el sistema de manera que los demás no puedan ver.

Es por eso que se inventaron los soportes de DVD portátiles. ir en la parte posterior de los reposacabezas, para que las películas se puedan ver en un automóvil similar a como se ven en los aviones. Sin embargo, hay algunas diferencias a tener en cuenta para la montabilidad.

Por ejemplo, algunos jugadores están integrados en los reposacabezas (ya sea de fábrica o autoinstalados), algunos están hechos principalmente para amarrarse a las sillas para mayor comodidad, y algunos tienen casos que les permiten sostenerlos o montarlos.

Normalmente, las opciones montadas son más convenientes y pueden ayudar a evitar algunos argumentos y frustraciones por parte del espectador. Sin embargo, los niños mayores pueden sentirse frustrados porque podrían controlar el volumen, el brillo, la película, etc., si se tratara de un dispositivo portátil. Decida cuál de estas opciones se adapta mejor a sus necesidades.

¿Quién está mirando?

¿Es este mini reproductor de DVD para sus hijos en viajes en automóvil? Tal vez sea para niños mayores en el rango de 11-16. Quizás desee traer sus propias películas en aviones o viajes largos por el mundo, y este reproductor de DVD es para usted y / o su pareja.

Este es otro factor importante para decidir qué tipo de reproductor de DVD portátil es mejor para usted . La mayor calidad, el mayor almacenamiento y las mejores imágenes probablemente sean mejores para los niños mayores y los adultos que los usan mientras viajan. Los niños que crecen constantemente y cambian sus intereses lo harán muy bien con reproductores de DVD portátiles más básicos y fáciles de usar que son menos frágiles.

Otros usos

Otros usos que puede tener en cuenta son los juegos y la música. Si sus hijos se cansan de las películas rápidamente, pero son fanáticos de escuchar música, hay muchas opciones portátiles que pueden reproducir CD y DVD.

También hay una cantidad, aparte del mejor DVD portátil. jugadores enumerados aquí, que también pueden jugar videojuegos antiguos o regulares. Tenga en cuenta si desea principalmente un reproductor de DVD, o si la música y los juegos son un punto de venta para usted.

Películas familiares para ver en viajes por carretera

Hay algunas películas que simplemente mejorarán cualquier viaje en automóvil. Por supuesto, los clásicos de Disney siempre son una opción, y las caricaturas antiguas como “Tom y Jerry” también son ganadores, pero pensé que proporcionaría algunas otras sugerencias de películas que pueden llevarse en un conveniente estuche de DVD.

  • Zootopia
  • La princesa prometida [19659078]The LEGO Movie
  • The Pagemaster
  • Narnia
  • The Iron Giant
  • The Adventures of TinTin
  • The Sound of Music
  • Big Hero 6

Laptops And Tablets: Why DVD Players Are Better For Playing DVDs

Many people wonder if portable DVD players still serve a purpose these days. After all, you can simply download a movie on your laptop or tablet and be done with it, right?

Actually, there are several reasons portable DVD players are still in style and will be for a long time. Here’s why investing in them is a headache-saver:

  • Mountability. Even your beloved iPad isn’t easily attached to the back of your headrest to keep your children occupied. Trying to make a makeshift tablet mount for the duration of a trip which will withstand constant movie-changing, sticky hands, and bumps along the road is quite a challenge, and it isn’t a durable option.
  • Storage Space. Downloading movies and Netflix TV series can definitely come in handy, but you can only download so many before your laptop or tablet freezes up and leaves it to you to keep everyone in the car happy. Not to mention, constantly installing movies before trips and then uninstalling them later when they grow tiring is… well, tiring.
  • DVDs. No matter what, physically picking out a DVD of your favorite movie is a little satisfying. Your children may prefer scrolling through movies on a screen at home, but in the car it’s a kind of entertainment in itself to flip through a DVD case and pick a great movie. Some of these cases can hold up to 180 DVDs and CDs.
  • Durability. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are breakable. That’s just a fact. If you’re worried about constantly telling the children to “be careful with that”, it’s probably time to get a portable DVD player. While there’s still a chance they could be broken, they’re not nearly as costly as your serious, every-day use devices. Furthermore, keeping the portable DVD players mounted is a great way to keep them from being damaged.
  • Price. Portable DVD players aren’t really that costly. Not when you think about their convenience, the headaches they save, the phone cracks they prevent, and the sticky laptop keys they keep at bay. Some portable DVD players can last for years without having any issues, and they keep bigger cost issues from ever happening. Also, most of them are very budget-friendly, as are DVDs.
  • Versatility. Not only are portable DVD players convenient because they save you some storage space and technology hassles, but also because many of them today support digital movies on USB flash drives and SD cards.


Whether you’re embarking on a long-planned family vacation to Disney World, or you’re in the habit of visiting grandparents who live hours away, portable DVD players come in handy and will continue to be of service for a very long time. My favorite is the SUNPIN 11″ Portable DVD Player for its combination of affordability and features.

Even in an era of digital and streamed movies, DVDs and Blu-ray players serve a purpose. When connections go bad, downloads halt, and data speeds simply can’t play the movie and get your children to calm down, portable DVD players (and all they offer) are there.

Choosing one of the 7 Best Portable DVD Players listed here can save you a lot of time scrolling through endless descriptions and jargon when you could be spending family time with your kids and planning an epic adventure. Enjoy movies anywhere with these fantastic and highly-reviewed picks.

Last update on 2019-09-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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