Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Reviews 2019 – Raincoats, Glove and Boot

  Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

How do bikers get in the rain without getting wet? Many people think that it is just a display to seduce people to buy a bicycle. But in fact you can do that too. If it rains without getting wet and it rains a lot, you can board.

So, when traveling to various places or experimenting with the adventurous side, you need a rain gear made of waterproof material to keep it dry and warm. .

You can organize your entire outfit by reviewing the best protective gear, including raincoats and protective clothing, gloves and boots. At the end, you can find a buying guide, which will help you make an informed decision.

Joe Rocket Survivor Motorcycle Suit is perfect for those who want to travel motorcycle. It is a very sophisticated riding equipment and it has a lot of layers of fleece for protection and looks bulky. It has an inner liner so you can remove it when you don't need it.

These fabrics are perfect for hot and very hot weather, even when it's raining. Spinal pads are also included.

Made of RockTex 600 shell with CE-grade armor that lasts for years. The zipper is strong and high quality. The lower part of the leg is excellent in corrosion resistance and protects you and protects you from the hot pipes of the bike.

A layer of fleece prevents rainwater from entering the suit. Therefore, the outer shell is waterproof. The double layer impairs breathability, but you can remove the inner liner to make the suit more ventilated, especially when you have all the sweat.

The bike wearing this gear is very comfortable, so it is very convenient. . Easy to move You can also customize to suit your shape. On a rainy day it's black and unobtrusive, but it has reflective logos and stripes to increase visibility.

  • Keep your guitar warm.
  • Provide value for money.
  • The strap is adapted to fit the wearer's body easily.
  • There is a removable chute liner.
  • The material of the foot is excellent in corrosion resistance.
  • Not completely waterproof.

Scoyco RC01 is a two piece protective device that comes in a combination of black and light yellow. Carefully designed to retain external elements. In addition, this raincoat lasts for years and does not wear out quickly.

Made of polyurethane coated polyester to prevent water from seeping into gears in case of heavy rain. Its style is very attractive. There's a large pocket on the front, and it's waterproof, so you can put your essentials without worrying about rain damage.

There is a strap that can be adjusted to suit the coat. It also has an elastic waistband that allows the driver to drive freely. Therefore, you will not feel the limitation after wearing. It also comes with an adjustable sleeve with Velcro straps. But there is no hood that can protect your hair from getting wet on a rainy day.

Another other valuable feature is the 5000mm waterproof rating. As mentioned earlier, this is thanks to the polyurethane coating.

You can continue your trip without worrying about safety when riding a bicycle in turbulence. This is due to the reflective stripes that greatly improve the visibility of the raincoat. Bright colors make it stand out even at dark, making it difficult to distinguish riders.

Before buying this coat, pay attention to the size later to avoid inconvenience later.

  • Suitable for a variety of bodies. It is comfortable and light raincoat.
  • There is a reflective color to improve visibility in low light.
  • Varies in size
  • It is waterproof rain coat.
  • Designed specifically for men, it is not suitable for most female riders.

Another amazing riding equipment on my list, the Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear, is worth taking pictures. Two-piece riding suit specially designed for lovers. Works well in a variety of weather conditions.

The jacket has elastic waist and cuffs. Therefore, it will be unbearable at all, because it is convenient and flexible to ride with this outfit.

Pants can wear very easily. It has a zipper on the bottom to hold it to fit the size. In addition, the calf has a heating wire, which protects the legs from the hot pipes of the bicycle.

They also come with a stirrup that can be removed if desired. This rain gear makes it easy to wear boots.

There's also a pocket everywhere for convenience. They are not only inside the court, but also outside. You can store what you want in this pocket. But the outer pocket is not as waterproof as the inner pocket, so it is best to leave it only in the inner pocket.

Also waterproof raincoat made of 600D polyester with polyurethane coating. If the coating is not damaged, water is difficult to enter.

  • Waterproof gear made of 600D polyester with polyurethane coating.
  • Because it's flexible and resilient, it's highly mobile. Hem that wraps around the sleeves and waist.
  • The calf has a hot wire to protect its legs from the hot pipes of a motorcycle.
  • It is a reasonable protective suit.
  • Reflective streaks provide maximum visibility in bad weather conditions.

Joe Rocket Wind Chill Riding Gloves is the first glove on this list and was included for a good reason. They are highly recommended for most buyers and once again proved worth their time and time.

Motorcycles cause accidents everywhere. If you have such an accident and want to avoid shock, the first instinct is to protect yourself with your hands. That's why you should always use gloves in addition to other protective gear.

This glove consists of several layers to enhance safety. The first layer is made of cow leather, which protects it in case of falling or slipping. It's pre-curved to freely move your fingers. The inner lining is made of 100G Thinsulate, which makes this glove very comfortable for everyday use.

There are leather gloves and knuckle armor to protect the damage from serious damage. It is shown as a dotted line throughout the glove.

If you drive a bicycle, you may notice that your hands are paralyzed while riding for a long time due to vibration. To prevent numbing of the hands, the Joe Rocket Wind Chill Riding Gloves are equipped with gel palms that allow the hands to move smoothly.

The main drawback of this glove is that it does not keep your hands well. Without moisture. There is a protective layer, which reduces the breathability of the gloves. As a result, your hands may feel slightly dull while riding. In addition to this, this product is excellent for protecting hands.

  • Gloves protect your hands as much as possible.
  • The gel palm prevents numbness of the hands.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Knuckle armor protecting knuckles.
  • There is a hook to secure the wrist to the wrist.
  • Your hands may sweat because of poor breathability.

Alpinestars Gunner Motorcycle Boots was made of synthetic material on the outside. On the front is a durable microfiber, made to last long, and on the back is an accordion flex zone.

These motorcycle boots are made especially comfortable for long rides thanks to their shape. Boots can be worn safely and comfortably regardless of the length of the trip, so your feet will not feel tired and will not feel bad even in a rough ride.

These boots are ergonomically designed due to the ergonomic design. Cuddle your feet and remove molds according to the shape of your feet. However, if it does not fit and impacts, it may fall off, so buy the correct size.

The side-winding style keeps your ankles and feet safe. road. It also has a vulcanized composite outsole that can withstand various conditions on the road. It can also keep your boots dry and provide a grip.

Another notable feature here is that there is a waterproof layer between the top structure and the lining of the boots to keep your feet dry at all times. So, if you find yourself riding in the middle of a heavy rain, your feet will not be soaked and will make you uncomfortable.

The Gunner boots are also CE certified to ensure safety. Now you can hit the road with the confidence that your boots will keep your feet dry and safe, and sooner or later they will not disassemble.

  • Keep your feet warm and dry in a variety of weather conditions.
  • The boots are waterproof. [19659011] They are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.
  • CE certified.
  • Vulcanized outsole can withstand all road conditions.
  • They are not enough

We've created a buying guide to increase your confidence in choosing your motorcycle lane gear. This includes features to consider before making a purchase.

How to Select

We reviewed some of the key features mentioned below and selected the products we reviewed above. In particular, we considered the material of each product, the ability to prevent water from penetrating into the gears, and the breathability of the material.

My test method

In order to test your products, we evaluated the merits of each product against the disadvantages. . I used each of the above mentioned items separately. I also tested each one for a week in the rain.


The most important thing is gear construction. It is necessary to check both the material and durability of the protective equipment. The most common materials used to make rain gear are nylon and polyester. This material is breathable and durable.

If you add a polyurethane coating, the gear is also waterproof. Also, like nylon and polyester, this coating is durable and breathable and does not negatively affect the gears.

Some items include DWR (durable water repellent), others include PVC. PVC is excellent in water repellency but not breathable material.


It is clear that the rain gear should be waterproof, but sometimes we overlook this feature. Always use waterproof equipment to use in the rain. As already mentioned, the polyurethane coating is breathable and is best suited for waterproof gears.

All gears with waterproof liners are an excellent choice for this purpose. Also look for features like a storm flap that's covered with a zipper when riding on a rainy day. Also make sure that the seams are properly sealed so that no water gets into the coat.


You will sweat while riding a bicycle. On hot, sunny days or rainy days, there will always be moisture in the gears. Breathable fabrics ensure sufficient air circulation for sweating. If the product you choose is made of PVC, look for a vent that can enhance circulation, including underarms.


Size is very important when purchasing protective equipment. Pay close attention to gear measurement. Do not buy too big or too tight objects. Should be perfect. You should wear this equipment every day, so it is your responsibility to avoid any inconvenience.

We recommend looking for products that have the ability to adjust the gear. It is better to use items with laces and elastic waists and hem. This allows you to adjust the gears according to your body shape and size. But the important thing to keep in mind is that just because an item has adjustable features doesn't mean you can go large.


This feature is better for safety than protection against rain. When it rains, it becomes difficult to distinguish the various cars on the road. Because of the weather, people on the road may not see you.

To avoid accidents, it's best to wear reflectors so other drivers can easily recognize them. You can also choose a lighter colored item. Yellow and green clothing is visible even in bad weather with poor visibility. You can also go by neon.


Protective equipment must protect the purchased product. In this case, the protective equipment must be stored dry and safe. The buyer guide found valuable information, so I am confident that I can now make my own choice.

If you have to make one recommendation, Joe Rocket Survivor Motorcycle Suit is the best. When you ride on a chilly day, it provides good value for money and warms it up. Although not completely waterproof, the size is adjustable and easily moved. Recommended for people driving when it is raining or cold.

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