Best Motorcycle Jacks (October 2019) – The Ultimate Buying Guide

 Best Motorcycle Jack

Handling a bike without a jack is very cumbersome. Maintenance is difficult without using this tool when dealing with tires, engines and various small components of the vehicle. The jack makes it easy to lift the bike and support it on the platform.

Working on a motorcycle that is not slippery and trips over a makeshift jack is boring. Proper jacks keep the bike stable and allow you to work without any problems.

So if you own a bike, you need jack. This is why I reviewed some of the best motorcycle jacks on the market.

PowerZone 380047 hydraulic jacks are made of steel and are strong and safe. Supporting motorcycles and ATVs is not a problem as it can lift up to 1700 pounds. This feature makes it easy to work with multi-purpose tools, so you can place them at the top of the list.

This hydraulic lift can be operated with your feet. Therefore, you can lift the bike without using your hands and use it to fix the bike. This feature makes it very easy to work on your vehicle. The premium T handle also greatly improves maneuverability. You can easily handle the bike so that the motorcycle feels like you are sitting in a solid harness.

3 optional safety locks with thick grooved rubber pads with deep grooves make the lift very safe. Convenient while protecting the precious paint on the motorcycle. Watching a bike with a paint cut can be painful, but thankfully this jack does not matter.

When not in use, they can be folded up to 4.5 inches for easy storage. . All features make PowerZone easy to handle. It’s not wrong to think that a bicycle is suspended by a powerful protective crane. The safety lock keeps you and your precious bike safe from harm. The only problem we found is that the minimum lift height is 4.5 inches and is not suitable for low profile vehicles.

  • I have a hydraulic pump that runs on foot.
  • There are 1700 pounds. Maximum weight lifting capacity.
  • Convenient to use with removable T-handle with handle.
  • Thick rubber pads with deep grooves are provided for paint protection.
  • The minimum lift height is 4.5 inches.

Extreme Max is a popular motorcycle jack on the market. The nice thing about it is that it extends to about 14 inches, so the bike can be mounted at the right height and work comfortably. With this jack it’s really easy to work on different parts of the bike.

Can support vehicles under 1100 pounds You can lift many different types of bicycles, but do not use them to lift these vehicles as they are not designed to carry tricycles.

It’s very easy to work with. There is no alternative to the tool that allows you to work conveniently.

It’s very annoying to see your bike slip every time you try to fix the bike or ride a new tire, but this lift can say goodbye to the bike, such a problem. Thanks to the platform filled with rubber.

Another purpose of the rubber platform is to hold the bike in place. In addition, the paint does not peel off when lifting the bike. It does not leave scratches.

This jack is also a beautiful design nice aesthetics. It has a solid steel structure that can last for years. It does not wear out or break quickly, so you can use it for a long time. But because there are no wheels, it can be a bit difficult to move around.

  • There’s a rubber-filled platform that won’t scratch your bike.
  • Not very expensive
  • The frame is steel sturdy.
  • weighs 1100 lbs.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It’s not easy to move because you don’t have wheels.

This jack is of high quality and is offered at an affordable price. Good value for money. It comes with a variety of features that make it easy to lift your bike. It weighs 1000 lbs. No sound, especially when compared to other jacks on the list, but enough for the price.

There is no fear of scratches. The deck of the bike is made of rubber to protect the vehicle from unsightly marks. It also comes with a steel sleeve, making it very easy to operate.

Another cool feature of this bike jack is its great design. Made of solid and durable stainless steel. Robust construction is resistant to many external elements such as dirt, grease and oil. So the investment will not be wasted in a few years.

Rubber platforms are used for other purposes besides preventing the bike from being scratched. Hold the bicycle firmly to prevent slipping and damage. Rubber catches two wheelbarrow well during operation.

Tools and accessories are included with the purchase. Each package comes with a sleeve, scissors jack and instruction manual. You can set the jack through the manual. It also comes with a one-year warranty, so if you find a defect in your device, you can contact the manufacturer to claim it.

  • Inexpensive device, not expensive
  • Steel Material This jack is durable.
  • Rubber platform keeps your bike secure without scratching
  • You can support another bike with a weight less than 1000 pounds.
  • 1 year delivery
  • There is no wheel can not move.

Powerbuilt 620422E is a sturdy jack specially designed for lifting large vehicles. That’s 4000 pounds. You can lift motorcycles and cars and trucks that are heavy enough to support heavy vehicles. Designed to not affect the paint job of supporting vehicles.

Can be used for various purposes Jack stand and bottle jack are combined and packed in this single unit. Perfect for any situation that requires a jack stand or a bottle jack.

This device is for serious work and may be too much for the general public. While working, after securing the position to work on the vehicle, it must be fixed.

The base is wide and firmly fixed. The stand increases stability and prevents it from sinking to a smooth surface. All this makes it very convenient to keep and work on other vehicles. In addition, it is easy to work and does not have to feel uncomfortable.

Provided with lift saddles and lift rails that can be removed as needed. And flexible design. It can adapt to different frames, allowing you to work with many vehicles.

What was scary is that the car is not lowered slowly. Instead, it crashes when I try to lower it a bit. It can be very dangerous, so use caution when using it.

  • We have a weightlifting capacity of 4,000 lbs.
  • Also suitable for large vehicles such as trucks.
  • Flat and wide pedestal
  • The safety bar is secured in place.
  • The jack stand and bottle jack are combined.
  • Don’t go down slowly.

Dragway Tools Motorcycle Scissor jack weighs 1100 lbs. Therefore, it can accommodate a variety of motorcycles.

The wide 10-inch deck makes it ideal for large vehicles, making it easy to provide the support you need for these vehicles. However, most of them don’t have wide decks, but they’re more expensive than other jacks that offer more features than this one.

Can be used in many places Most people prefer to ride a bike in the garage or workshop, and it’s perfect for that. You can easily take this lift if you spend most of your time repairing the bike on the track.

Can also be used to lift ATVs. If you own a three wheeler and want to repair it, there is no more. Dragaway Scissor Jack Covered You

The rubber mat on the platform keeps the bike in place so it doesn’t shake or fall when working. The mat protects the bike from unwanted scratches in addition to holding the vehicle.

  • It’s very easy to use and you don’t have to guess much to operate.
  • weighs 1100 lbs.
  • There is a rubber mat that keeps your bike stable.
  • The 10-inch deck is wide.
  • Can be used to lift multiple vehicles, including motorcycles. ATV, cruiser and tricycle.
  • Expensive equipment that provides the functionality that is provided.

 Motorcycle Jacks

The market is full of brands offering the same kind of products, so it can be difficult to choose between them. To make it easier to buy the best motorcycle jack without regretting the decision later, I wrote down some features to consider before buying. In addition, we have added experience with how to choose each of the products we have reviewed in this article, as well as how we tested each one to relieve all our worries about reliability.

How to Choose

As you have already chosen, some of the best products you may have wondered how I reached that conclusion. It is a basic question that comes to my mind when reading reviews. I have broken my course down to give you peace of mind.

I started by simply making a list of products with the best reviews online and in my circles. After creating this initial list, we compared the advantages of each product to the disadvantages. The best performance in the main task of lifting the vehicle with minor issues that could easily be solved or ignored was the issue I chose to review here.

How I Tested

After buying a jack, I used each one over a week with different types of vehicles. I asked my friends to bring bicycles, tricycles, ATVs and even cars (for some jacks) to work on all the products. I work by lifting the car, make sure the jack is easy to use, and move the jack to check for scratches. Each manufacturer’s claim was tested to make sure his words were true. Only very successful are mentioned here.

Jack Types

There are several types of motorcycle lifts. The floor jack serves as a platform for fixing the motorcycle and is a very low portability unit. The stand, on the other hand, can stand upright while you lift and carry your motorcycle. Meanwhile, the high lift can lift heavy motorcycles and keep the safety lock in place. Jacks with a wide range of heights can be life savers, so it is better to hang the motorcycle at various heights to get a jack that can easily accommodate your use case.

Maximum Weight

The main element of the jack is the maximum lifting weight. You do not want a lift that can not accommodate a motorcycle. Therefore, check the weight of the motorcycle and make sure that the weight is less than the maximum lifting weight of the desired jack.


The stability of your motorcycle can have a big impact on your work. Always find a lift that holds the motorcycle in place. This will prevent you and your bike from being damaged and will easily solve your motorcycle’s problem. It is advisable to use a security shackle or lock that will prevent the jack from collapsing due to the malfunction of the hydraulic system and endanger life.


We all know how much we hate spending extra cash on premium products, but it’s worth considering a more expensive jack that comes with a great expert. Premium lifts typically use high quality materials to provide structural integrity and robust construction. It also has many benefits, such as high weight limits, large height ranges, and other additional tools that help make the bike very easy to maintain.

Conclusion Note

It is very easy to buy a jack. If you check all the features mentioned above for a motorcycle. Consider all the factors and requirements and decide accordingly.

PowerZone 380047 hydraulic jack ranked # 1 on my list. There is a hydraulic pump that can be operated by foot, which is convenient to use. There are no big disadvantages, except that there are not too many options for a safety lock. Other than that it works really well. Recommended for those looking for a jack that is easy to use.

Now hope you feel confident in choosing the jack that best suits your needs.

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