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  Best Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Carrying a vehicle can be cumbersome, but without the right equipment. Motorcycle hitch carriers make it easy to move heavy bikes and scooters from one place to another. Simply load your bike on one side and connect it to another vehicle that can support the weight of your truck or motorcycle. Having reviewed the best motorcycle hitch carriers, let's take a look at each one without wasting time.

1. Best Choice Products SKY1375 – Best Steel Motorcycle Hitch Carrier ( Editor's Choice)  Best Choice Products SKY1375

What is the final decision to install Best Choice Products Sky1375 among all the amazing features? The top of this list is that it is not expensive. It may actually be the cheapest hitch carrier on the market today.

The installation is very easy. The installation instructions are simple, so you don't have to guess as much to make the feature. Simply take out and fasten the nut provided with 8 bolts and nuts. All the necessary nuts and bolts are already included in the package, but the hitch pins must be purchased separately.

In addition to the simple installation, another advantage of this product is that the bike can be easily loaded. Here you need to specify the dimensions that will give you a clear idea of ​​the measurement of this product. The length of the carrier is 76 inches, the length of the lamp is 38.5 inches and the length of the hitch tube is 18 inches. The bike can be mounted on both sides of the hitch carrier.

This carrier is also a solid structure. It lasts long without getting tired. Anti-tilt function prevents shake.

  • There is a safety lock, firmly fixed.
  • Steel structure, making it durable and durable.
  • It is an affordable device that does not become a drain in your pocket.
  • Supplied with a lamp, bikes can be loaded on both sides of this lamp.
  • You can easily install this device.
  • Hitch pins are not included in the package.

Goplus Motorcycle Carrier is suitable if you use a large bicycle such as a dirty bicycle. The maximum carrying capacity is 600lbs, making it ideal for heavy cargo transportation. The steel structure also provides toughness and strength.

Furthermore, it is coated with a powder to protect the powder from many other processes such as corrosion. Even if you go out on a very harsh day, you can get rid of the idea of ​​corroding your bike and concentrate on driving your bike.

Considering the features, it is expensive but a little expensive. It is worth buying products such as solid steel structures and weights up to 600 pounds. It's a smart investment because it can support a really heavy bike and is built to last a long time.

If you have a 2-inch receiver, you're good to go. Easy to install carrier Comes with a hitch pin and a 79 inch long tail, making installation easy. The package also includes wheel stops to help stabilize the wheel ck.

Unlike SKY1375, it is not easy to assemble. Since the instructions are not clear, you need to figure out what to do when assembling. However, it is not something that can be disturbed every day, as it only needs to be assembled once and is not a task to be performed every day.

  • The maximum weight is 600 pounds.
  • The offroad ramp is long.
  • Steel structure is made.
  • Powder coatings prevent corrosion.
  • There are two quick release locks to keep your bike safe.

TMS T-NS-MRC001 Motorcycle Hitch Carrier is a product that can withstand 500 pounds of uniquely designed motorcycles. Like Goplus, it is made of durable steel and is a durable carrier that lasts long.

Another feature of the durable device is its powder coating. This will prevent you from using the bike when loading and unloading the bike or wear it when it is broken. You don't have to worry about fading colors.

The receiver can be used for multiple trailer hitches. Compatible with trailer hitches of class II, III, IV and V. It can support various types of bicycles such as dirt bikes, cross bikes and sports bikes.

This product is equipped with an anti-tilt lock because it is very annoying when the carrier ship shakes. For the safety of the bike, there is a space for tying the carrier on both sides of the track. However, the anti-tilt lock is not permanently attached, so you need to align the lock every time you install it.

Because holes are not blown out of wallet, it is not a big problem. This product comes at a reasonable price and offers some really cool features. Good value for money.

  • Made of steel, long lasting
  • Tilting prevention lock without shaking left and right. .
  • Can be equipped with 2 inch receiver for II, III, IV and V class trailer hitch
  • Carrying capacity up to 500 pounds.
  • Good value for money [19659024] Black Widow is a well-known name in the motorcycle industry. The mobile carrier Black Widow MCC-600 is not very popular. The weight is 600 lbs. Very rare. This allows you to mount heavy bikes without worrying about bike breakdowns. If you really own a heavy bike, this carrier is your product.

    Because it is made of steel, its structure is durable and lasts for years. The steel structure is heavy, but protected from various outdoor elements, so the weight is a just compromise. Since steel is durable, you will have to pay more for this feature.

    There are also powder coated finishes that are susceptible to wear due to steel. The finish protects this carrier from bad weather and increases its durability.

    All instructions are clearly mentioned, easy to install. The ramp slides, allowing you to load your bike and easily store it under the hitch carrier. If necessary, the loading ramp can be removed. To avoid unnecessary guessing, accessories such as bolts for installation are packaged.

    Weight is 44 pounds but not too heavy when compared to other steel carriers. The weight is similar to the weight of the aluminum model. In addition, a 7-point wheel clock is provided to adjust to your needs. In addition, there are fixtures that hold the motorcycle.

    • The load ramp can be separated so that it can take off when needed.
    • The maximum weight is 600 pounds.
    • Light steel structure compared to other carriers with strong steel structure.
    • There is an adjustable 7-point wheel clock.
    • Powder coated and can be used depending on the weather.

    This hitch carrier from Direct Aftermath offers great weight capacity. It can carry up to 500 pounds of motorcycles. What is noticeable is that it can carry various types of cargo. Sport bikes, scooters, dirty bikes and street bikes are some of the vehicles that can be transported together.

    Like some of the carriers mentioned above, this vehicle also has a steel structure. Such a structure makes the carrier solid and durable. Therefore, we will serve you for many years. It is wise to invest in a device that will not be able to disassemble or break down anytime soon.

    Uncommon in other motorcycle transporters, one cool feature that exists in this product is that it is powder coated with epoxy resin. This protects it from other weather conditions. The coating is also resistant to water, so you do not have to worry about problems such as corrosion and can survive in wet environments.

    Assembly is very easy. Your head will not be scratched when you take it out of the pack to fix it. In addition, the bike can be easily mounted. Therefore, assembling this carrier and loading the bike is a very easy task.

    The disadvantage is that the anti-tilt lock does not work properly and the lamp is slightly shorter. But it's worth the money with the features you can get at an incredibly low price.

    • The structure is made of steel, excellent durability.
    • Is strong in rust [19659009] can be easily assembled and mounted on the bike.
    • The loading ramp can be mounted on both sides.
    • Provide value for money
    • Tilt lock does not work properly. [19659014]   Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

      There are several factors to consider before buying a hitch carrier for a bike. Below is a list of some things to keep in mind before buying.

      How to Select Your Product

      Some products have selected the best motorcycle hitch carrier from the product list. Key features listed in this purchasing guide. For the steel carrier, we looked at the structure, coating, maximum weight and how easy it is to mount the bike. All these factors helped to choose the best motorcycle hitch carrier.

      How I tested

      The carrier was tested by loading different cargoes of different weights and transporting them one hour away. I recorded their performance and compared their pros and cons with their shortcomings. The products on my list are the only ones that can do the job and have no big flaws.

      Maximum weight capacity

      Before buying a carrier, the first thing you look for is weight capacity. As a rule, the carrier can carry 400 to 600 pounds. Do not use a product whose maximum weight is almost the same as the weight of the bicycle.

      Aluminum or Powder Coated Steel Structures

      The best carriers are made of steel or aluminum. Of these, aluminum is lighter, steel carriers are heavier. On the other hand, carriers made of aluminum do not require coating for protection, but steel carriers need an extra layer of coating to protect against corrosion and rust. Made of steel is also a bit pricey but works well for heavier bikes. They are also harder. Aluminum is a better choice for lightweight bikes and is not as expensive as a steel hitch carrier.

      Hitch receiver

      The carriers in my list all work with the most popular standard 2 "hitch receivers for trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs. But still check the hitch receiver size on your vehicle to make the right decision

      Hitch strength

      Indicating different strengths, weights to withstand before breakdown.Check the maximum hitch weight of the vehicle and check the motorcycle and carrier It's a good idea to make sure your combined weight is below this limit to ensure your own and your bike's safety


      Before buying a carrier, make sure you have enough space to put your bike in the selected item. Measure the length and width of the tires so that they do not hang or shake on the carrier, Do not fit in the channel

      Lamp length

      Carriers in my list have a full range of lamp lengths It is advisable to purchase the carrier with the longest ramp to reduce the slope of the ramp for loading the bicycle. Otherwise, you'll creak your teeth while you're on your motorcycle, trust me, there's a big difference in the comfort and usefulness of long ramp carriers


      Most high-quality carriers cost less than $ 100 More expensive carriers sometimes offer more benefits, such as higher profits, weight limits and better material quality.Some may have additional tools and gadgets to help keep your bike as safe as possible. We recommend that you purchase a more expensive carrier.

      Installation Castle

      It is recommended to find the hitch carrier can not the most important function, easy to find. For direct assembly. Most of the carrier comes with the nuts and bolts required to install the device. Some provide very easy instructions to guide you through the entire process of carrier assembly. Easy-to-install products save you precious time.

      Final Thought

      A truck can be used to transport a motorcycle to another location, but it is not a very safe option. Doing so will scratch your bike and truck all day long. The scratches make the vehicle look debilitating and frayed and appear older than it really is. Besides, you should often check that the motorcycle is still fixed while traveling.

      We recommend investing in proper transport equipment to avoid these problems. Best Choice Products SKY1375 is recommended for those looking for a sturdy carrier with an unlucky steel structure.

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