Best IPL Cricket Games for Android 2019

Mobile games are getting bigger. Nowadays, developers prefer to develop mobile games instead of console games. Best game of the year PUBG Mobile Best Weapons & Attachments February 2019

The best IPL cricket games for Android

Go to the point; Live IPL 2018 After looking for many things, I prepared a list of IPL cricket games. Let’s start without losing time.

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship Game

Sachin Saga is one of the best IPL cricket games for Android 2019 with all the teams of the Indian Premier League. Equipment and updated players, night games and more. Previously, I could not play without connection and there was no IPL mode. But now you can play offline and have IPL mode.

You can go to the Cricket League tab, select an IPL team and defeat your opponent by following the objective within the limited space. With this game mode, you can enjoy a true T20 experience on your mobile screen. In addition, graphics, player animation; Move, enter, go out, defend, play games and everything is great. Click to download Sachin Saga Cricket Championship .

Real Cricket 18 Game

Real Cricket 18 is one of the best IPL cricket games for Android. Currently in beta, you can still enjoy IPL mode. Simply touch the quick match banner. Change the league to RC Premier League, select the IPL team and the relative IPL team, then select 20 over the mode. That is all. The game is similar to other games. True T20 game experience on mobile screen. In a future update to Real Cricket 18, we are gaining auction functionality. Time to bid on the players! Click to download Real Cricket 18 .

RCB Epic Cricket Game

The cricket game IPL or cricket epic CRB in the Zara game is another IPL cricket game on our list. If you are a fan of the RCB team, you should give it a try. There are three modes. Multiplayer, tournament and event. In Event mode, the goal is to achieve the goal and compete with other players in the highest rankings. In tournament mode, you play against another IPL team for the IPL trophy. It is a fast paced IPL cricket match and is specially designed for RCB fans. Click to download RCB Epic Cricket Game .

World Cricket Championship 2 Game

World Cricket Championship 2, one of the most popular cricket games, also has an IPL mode. Go to the Tournament -> League -> National League – India section. However, to deactivate this mode, 4,000,000 coins are required. Unlock it if you have one. If not, run another game mode of the game and get a coin. Once you have enough, unlock and enjoy the IPL cricket game on your mobile device. I did not try it because there are only 20,000 coins. The T-20 game is free. Click to download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk .

Hitwicket Cricket Game

The Hitswicket Cricket game T20 is one of the most popular cricket games and offers the IPL mode with the latest update. It is different from all the other cricket games mentioned above. In this game, you bet on the player, train him and compete with the other players. In short, it is a cricket manager game that constitutes the best T20 cricket team and defeats the opponent using the best strategy in a unique game. I encourage you to try it and it’s really great. Type: online

KKR Cricket Game 2018

KKR Cricket is one of the best IPL games for Android at Indiagames Ltd., creator of the Cricket T20 Fever 3D game. If you play KKR, you can play 2, 5, 20 games in quick-start mode. In Event mode, certain objectives must be completed. Running a certain number of times from a certain ideal, bringing a window machine, etc. You can play the bowl and also the bats. The graphics are great, the gameplay is good. It’s worth a try. Click to download KKR Cricket Game online cricket game. You must be connected to the Internet.

Battle of Chepauk 2

Chepauk 2 Android Battle is one of the best new IPL games for Android and iOS. Developed by creators of WCC2 games. Chepauk 2 combat has four game modes. Super multiplayer, super over, super slow and super chase. In Super Multiplayer mode, the objective is to classify the leaderboards. All you have to do is score more than your opponent. In the Super-Over, you must complete the Challenge. In Super Slog mode, the goal is only 6 and 4 times. In Super Chase mode, it’s your job to erase all levels. The graphics of this game are fine. It is a fun game. With less functionality and fun you can move your batter; Slide to the left, to the right, where to play the bullet. That is all. So these are the best IPL Cricket games that Android can download for free.

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