The best electric shavers for any budget

In the beginning there was a man and hairy. There was a razor at the time, but the man was clumsy and kept growing with them. The era of electric shavers began and it was possible to enjoy a closer shaver without making the toilet a crime scene.

But which is the best shaver? We put a hard graft to find out. We thoroughly offered a variety of models from famous brands such as Brown, Phillips and Remington in the name of finding the perfect razor for skin type and current cash flow.

Before exploring the model itself, it is worth thinking about what you want from an electric shaver. Beyond the device to quickly shoot the beard. There are basically two models of electric shavers: foil and rotary.

Foil shavers are traditional in that vibration blades work best when used on flat surfaces such as necks or cheeks. Conversely, rotary razors occupy a larger surface area and are more suitable for contours of the face and difficult areas of embossing of facial hair.

What is the best electric shaver of 2019?

The Philips Series 9000 is the best electric shaver for most people . Goldilocks chooses from the lineup in that they offer a great shave at a good price. Some optional features like wireless charging and premium blade technology are lacking but won’t feel like they’re missing.

Buy Philips Series 900 for £ 160 on Amazon.

If your budget is right, the Brown Series 3 ProSkin 3040s will choose the best budget electric shaver . Why? It will just put you back at £ 50 and it doesn’t look like a product at that price point.

Buy Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040 for £ 350 from Amazon

Finally, for a more refined shave, the Braun Series 9 9390cc is . Excellent choice with the best foil electric shaver . Unlike the rotary heads used in most Philips, the use of foil heads welcomes class and traditionalism. More importantly, if the multi-directional head is star-shaped, you can shave thoroughly in minutes.

Buy Braun Series 9 9390cc for £ 230 on Amazon

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Phillips Series 9000

Wired recommendations: Philips Series 9000 is the ultimate rotary electric shaver and universal. Type: Rotary | Direction: 8 | Waterproof: Yes | Batteries: 50 minutes

Hitting the sweet spot between value and shaving ability Philips & # 39; 9000 (£ 160) is not the best shaver of the brand but enough Closer This title belongs to the S9000 Prestige model that comes with a wireless Qi charging pad and NanoTech blade. If you have & # 39; nano & # 39; in its name, you know that innovation is great. In addition, Philips can more than double the price of this standard Series 9000 for future-oriented thinking.

Returning to the world of blades, the Series 9000 is actually a very good shaver. Especially if you shave every day. Thanks to eight directional heads that properly complement the rotatable head, the stock in this device can shoot the beard, making it possible to rotate the face relatively easily. Contrary to moving the wedge to a more demanding location

this is what Philips is all about. Clean, sharp shaving is relatively easy. Therefore, it is not necessary to rub the rough patch advertising area or to discover the development of microscopic breaks in the business toilet. The plastic construction of the Series 9000 is not completely luxurious, but smooth with enough grip. Its waterproof and full shaving function in less than five minutes is a welcome feature even when you want to quickly trim in a hurry.

That’s why I can’t speak more fairly for money. Philips S9000 is an electric shaver.

Pros: Great value; Hassle-free shaving; Feature-packed
Disadvantages: Missing trimming of fame models

Price: £ 160 | Amazon price confirmation | Argos

Brown Series 9 9390cc

Best foil electric shaver

Type: Foil | Elements: 5 | Waterproof: Yes | Battery: 60 minutes

Welcome to Electric Shavers & # 39; Business Class. You can buy products that you paid for and additional items that help to justify the enormous cost. The Brown Series 9 (£ 256) comes with a carrying case such as fine leather and a cleaning station to rinse and lubricate new stations, instead of supplying an unlimited amount of prosecco and small crisp packets.

Do you really need this? Although not accurate, it emphasizes the durability of the Series 9. Brown promised that top-rated razors should be tall in the bathroom for seven years, which seems luxurious, weighty and not a terrible argument given the usual razor blades. Philips specializes in rotary design, which gives you an extra mile to give you the perfect shave. This means 10-way heads that handle gaps and blind spots much better than static models. Adding 40,000 cutting motions per minute, there is a device that can lightly handle the beard and handle things after failing to switch to the beard area. Naturally, this razor is waterproof and can be used for weeks on a single charge.

Like traveling by air in a separate cabin from the process, the Series 9 is more luxurious than its practical need. But if we tend to shave every day, he will forgive us for dealing with ourselves.

Pro: Multi-directional heads; Fast and close shaving; Luxury Design
Disadvantages: Quite Expensive

Price: £ 256 | Amazon price confirmation | Argos

Brown Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

now: Foil | Elements: 3 | Waterproof: Yes | Battery: 45 minutes

£ 50 What can you actually expect from an electric shaver? A little more than I thought, according to Brown’s Series 3 (£ 50) . Here we use one of the more expensive models as our daily companion, but the Series 3 is enough to fulfill its role.

The razor is inexpensively affordable. It is waterproof, allows quick charge for 5 minutes, and features a design that is suitable for low-cost conditions. This means an easy-to-texture rubberized side and a total weight that improves hand control over the Remington G4.

We didn’t expect anything before we released Series 3, but we were impressed with it. As long as you play its strengths, you should feel the same way. This mainly means that some rough patches can be left on the edges of the neck and chin. Even how hard you try to get rid of them. In other words, it does not offer the absolute best shave, but it passes an array of everything except scrutiny. If you want to shave, it is a good idea to pop the shaver again.

Pro: waterproof; Solid design; Decent shave
Disadvantages: not specifically refined

price: £ 50 | Amazon price confirmation | Argus | Boots

Philips Series 7000

Smart electric shaver

Type: Rotary | Direction: 5 | Waterproof: Yes | Battery: 50 minutes

With an unusual level of importance when trying to sell with a new electric toothbrush, the app now moves to an electric shaver and does the same. So Philips Series 7000 (£ 170) promises a better way than actually changing the shaving way through the GroomTribe app to solve the problem for three days.

We’re skeptical too, but if you’re someone who experiences redness and sensitive skin when shaving, it’s worth trying this app. The shaver adjusts the vitality of the operation, and provides guidance to increase the grooming routine, usually without turning the neck into one large rash. To be honest, we were surprised at how useful it was.

Elsewhere, this Philips is a fairly standard rotary razor and we mean it with praise. It’s well woven and can be easily cleaned by using a lot of hair to seep into awkward spots and use shaving foam to minimize irritation. In the box there is a beard trimmer attachment and a cleansing brush. Interestingly, it’s more expensive than Philips confessed to & # 39; no & # 39; currently. 1 & # 39; Shaver: A Series 9000 that somewhat blurs the value proposition.

Pro: Useful App; Demanding design; Simple Performance
Disadvantages: May suffer from patches

Price: £ 170 | Amazon price confirmation | Philips

Remington R4 style

Rotary electric shaver for beginners

Type: Rotary | Direction: & # 39; Flex Neck & # 39; | Waterproof: No | Batteries: 40 minutes

Remington’s products are on the drop in the grooming scale, but are generally available. As long as you choose them from the knowledge that you will get what you pay for. For the R4 style (£ 40) the edges are a bit rough, but enough for beginners. People who can’t justify spending big money because they don’t spend too much on an electric shaver or don’t have a lot of hair on their face.

The rotating shaver R4 was built with coverage in mind. And that’s fine until the end. In awkward places, such as behind the chin or just under the nose, you need to shave longer than you shave. In general, Remington has created serviceable products that will allow you to do your work without hassle.

Besides the foil design, the big difference between the R4 and the Brown Series 3 is the general build quality. Remington’s models are all plastic and this design is sufficiently serviceable but without rubber grips. To use for wet shaving, protect your body for a bit slippery time. As we said, you get what you pay for here. And you really do not pay so much.

PRO: cheap; durable; Design without fuss
Disadvantages: struggle to narrow point, no grip; plasticky build

Price: £ 40 | Amazon price confirmation | Argus | More

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