Best Clan War CC Troops for Defense for December 2018

Which troops are the best for defense in a clan of clans of war clans? That is a very common question and there are many different opinions. I will show you in this dedicated publication which troops work best in their Clan War Castle to defend their base during the clan war.

Update! I've updated this guide with the latest changes from Town Hall 12 Update ๐Ÿ™‚

The difference between defending Clan Castle troops in Clan War & Multiplayer

You might be thinking why a dedicated position is necessary to defend the troops in Clan War.

There are some circumstances in Clan War that require variations to have the best Troops in the War Castle:

  1. No surprise: your enemy will know after 2-3 repetitions of what is inside your Clan Castle without having to make a first attack
  2. Your enemy is better prepared for the attack in general (we do not want that!)


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The taste of surprise in Clan War

Personally, I see a big difference, and also a disadvantage, in Clan War. Your enemy knows what comes out of Clan Castle because he only has to see the repetitions of the base being attacked by his other clanmates.

 Clan War Base Clan Castle scouting

My advice is that avoid filling all the Clan Castles with more or less the same configuration . Enter some surprises filling the Castles of War with the different combinations of Troops that you will find below.

Imagine an attacker hitting base # 10 and just saw that base # 9 had Wizards in Clan Castle, but you put a Dragon in # 10. I think you understand my point, true?

With all the troops available, there are endless possibilities to combine them, but the correct approach is to combine them directly against the configuration that your base will have to defend.

A good defensive CC configuration will always consist of:

  • A base troop (with a lot of accommodation space)
  • Variety of troops (to hinder the fight against a troop class)
  • Fill troops (to use all the housing space in your available Castle Clan)

These are the basic rules you should always keep in mind when applying for troops:

NEVER have a single type of troops in your Castle Clan! This will make it much easier to eliminate them, especially when the attacker is ready.

Avoid having many low hit troops like Archers, Minions, etc. – Most attackers carry a poisonous spell and clean out easily. They are a great support and a stuffing troop, but no more.

It's not about the damage! Golems & Lava Hounds do no harm, but keep the Queen busy or deal additional damage when they receive

Mix air and ground to make it harder for the attacker to deal with your defending troops ๐Ÿ™‚

Better troops for choose

Now I want to show you the useful troops you can use for the three categories I showed above.

Base Troop

The good base troops are

  • Golem
  • Lava Hound
  • Dragon
  • * NEW * Electric Dragon!

because they are not really affected by a poison spell and puppies confuse the queen during a queen charge and the Golem inflicts the same damage as a giant bomb when it is destroyed. Time is always a great enemy of your attacker and they will keep their troops occupied for some time ๐Ÿ™‚

I do not recommend using Giants (they will suffer more damage from a poison spell and any splash damage) or PEKKA (the hit rate is very slow, she dies before inflicting damage 3 times)

 defending electro dragon in cc

Electro Dragons is a great defending troop, since it can charge its strong beam until attacking the troops. will attack, and the damage can remove many hit points, even from a hero to the fullest. Even after dying, the deadly beam will cause great damage to the attacking troops ๐Ÿ™‚

Troop Variety

The best options here are the troops that inflict damage from a distance. I prefer

  • Witches (because the skeletons are still attacking the occupied troops)
  • Bowlers, because they can also hit the troops behind the tanks

You can take several of them in your CC with excellent results .

Here are troops that you should only have one in your CC:

  • Baby Dragon with splash damage and rage when there is no other air force in the CC
  • Valkyrie because when it hits it does incredible damage
  • Globe (so slow and predictable that a group of them always falls in Poison Spell)
  • Wizard

Miners or Hog Rider are not a good option in your Clan Castle from my experience.

Filling troops

Now you probably have some hosting space to fill, I recommend using:

  • Minions (if you DO NOT have a Baby Dragon to avoid eliminating the rage bonus)
  • Archers

The Barbarians are too slow and die too fast and the Goblins are so fast that they will reach the target first and will be killed without trying.

Clan castle's best troop for clan warfare

If you stay on the list above, you can combine the troops as you want and you should get a deadly defense combo.


The best defender of the Clan Castle troops for 15 Housing Space

15 Housing Space does not offer much space for creativity, so this is the best combo to put in the Castles of War of your inferior players:

  • 1 Baby Dragon & Fill up with Wizards, Archers : The Baby Dargon must have a maximum level and it will be enraged because there are no other air troops around, this means you only have one Full dragon in your Clan Castle, plus some additional troops. I do not think your opponent expects it.

The good thing is that not many players who attack these bases in Clan War have the poison spell, so the Archers and Wizards are a big enough team to defeat a Lightning. Spell.

War Castle Troops for 20 Living space

Let's see my suggestions. 1 Dragon is not the best option in my opinion, but if there are 1 or 2 of those Castles of the Clan with a Dragon, a good variety will be added so that the attacker keeps guessing:

  • 1 Dragon : This will surprise some attackers waiting for other Troops from other attacks in that region on the Map of War. It is expensive, but difficult to tear down in the lower town halls.
  • The best! 1 Baby Dragon, 2 Wizards and 2 Archers: As mentioned above, Baby Dragon is a beast that defends the Clan Castle troop and will be mortal to attack the Heroes (also because the splash damage damages the Archer Queen even when his Royal Cloak is activated)
  • 1 witch and 2 wizards (max.): Also here you probably will not see poison spells and most players in this region do not They know how to fight a witch. This will give you maybe a couple of seconds to make a bad decision and eliminate some of your Wizards.
  • 2 Valkyries and 1 Wizard : The Valkyries cause significant damage in the area (especially if someone chooses to attack with Giants) and, while they are also pretty good, the Wizards have plenty of time to inflict deadly damage .


Clan Castle Troops for 25 Housing space

This is the region where people still tend to use troops that are very vulnerable against air troops I have seen the best results in our Clan Wars with these combinations:

  • 1 Dragon, 1 Wizard (maxed) and 1 Archer : This will deal a lot of damage in the area and maybe someone thought about bringing balloons or pig riders. In this case, you just saved some stars in your Clan.
  • 1 Baby Dragon, 1 Witch & 3 Archers: Cause a lot of problems and it's one of my favorite combinations for TH8
  • 1 Baby Dragon, 1 Valkyrie, 1 Wizard and 3 Archers: As mentioned above, the Baby Dragon is a beast that defends the troops of the Clan Castle and it will be mortal to attack the Heroes (also because the damage of the splashes even harms the Queen Archer when her Royal Cloak is activated )
  • 3 Balloons (max.), 2 Magicians (maximum) and 1 Archer : Balloons function as an amulet unless someone is attacking with Dragons. You should only use this combo when your base is strong against the Dragons (have your Air Defenses deep in the core, etc.).
  • 1 Witch, 3 Wizards (max.) And 1 Archer : The Witch will keep the attacking Troops with all the Skeletons while the Wizards inflict a lot of damage. The good thing is that they all have rank damage so they can hide behind Walls.

 defending the war troops of clans

War of clans Defending troops for 30 housing spaces

No big surprise for the last Two levels of improvement of Clan Castle here. So far, there are only 3 work combinations, but when you mix them in your Clan Castles, your enemies will really have difficulties because they will not know what is in a Clan Castle without having at least 1 attack on that base. [19659018] 1 Lava Hound to slow down Archer Queen

  • 1 Electro Dragon (extremely strong!) ] ] The best!] 1 Baby Dragon, 2 Valkyrie and 1 Wizard: As mentioned earlier, Baby Dragon is a beast that defends the troop of Clan Castle and will be mortal to attack the Heroes (also because the splash damage harms the Queen Archer even when her Real Layer is activated)
  • 1 Golem: Slow down the attacker and keep him busy for longer
  • 1 Witch, 4 Wizards (max.) And 2 Archers [19659008] ] 1 Dragon, 2 Wizards and 2 Archers : This is pretty ugly to play if it comes as a surprise, because if someone uses Golems he wants the Wizards to make the funnel and not have to. fight with that Dragon that breaks with the Golems.
  • 3 Bowlers and filled with Archers / Wizards : This combination is very effective, because the Bowlers have some hit points and their attacks also hit the troops in the second row. You will often see attackers with strong tank troops in the front row and the Bowler attacks will also hit their damage troops behind.
  •  dragon and wizard defending in the clan war

    Defending the clan castle troops 35 Housing space

    This is almost the same as we had with the Clan Level 5 Castle. I still see people who put Lava Hounds there. Please stop, because it is not containing the attacking Troops anyway. When someone is attacking a base with a clan castle to the fullest, you can be sure that there are so many DPS involved that the lava dog is simply lost. It is better to use these combos:

    • 1 Electro Dragon, 1 Wizard, 1 Archer (my choice): The Electro Dragon is, as described above, a very powerful defensive unit that will damage Attacking the troops with the chain ray plus the death ray
    • 1 Baby Dragon, 2 Witches & 1 Archer: The Baby Dragon will do splash damage from the air while the Skeletons will keep the troops busy. This will be a very nasty configuration to deal with.
    • 1 Baby Dragon, 3 Valkyrie and 1 Archers: As mentioned earlier, Baby Dragon is a beast that defends Clan Castle troops and will be deadly to the attacking Heroes. (Also because the splash damage damages the Archer Queen even when its actual Layer is activated)
    • 1 Golem, 1 Wizard, 1 Archer: A good way to slow down the attacker because the Golem will make them long time
    • 1 Lava Hound & 1 Balloon: It also slows down the attacker and the Lava Pups will also keep them occupied for a long time
    • 1 Dragon, 3 Wizards (maxed) and 3 Archers : This is pretty unpleasant to play if it's a surprise because if someone uses Golems, he really wants the Wizards to do the funnel and not have to deal with the Dragon that breaks in the Golems. [19659008] 2 Witches, 2 Magicians (max.) And 3 Archers
    • 4 Bowl ers and fill with Archers : when you have a Clan Castle to the maximum, you will not see many air attacks against your base. The bowlers work very well against the current attack settings, as they will also hit the damage troops behind the tank line of the troops.

    Defending Clan Castle troops for 40 housing spaces

    In City Hall 12 you can get 40 accommodation spaces in your Castle Clan, which opens up many possibilities:

    • 1 Electro Dragon, 1 Wizard, 1 Archer (my choice): The Electro Dragon is, as described above, a very powerful defensive unit that will damage the attacking troops with the chain ray plus the death ray
    • 3 Witches and 4 Archers: Witches have the potential to confuse and attack troops and can catch the attacker with the wrong foot and even ruin an entire attack, so it's a good option if your clan does not donate Electro Dragons frequently
    • 1 Baby Dragon, 3 Valkyrie and 6 Archers: As mentioned earlier, Baby Dragon is such a defensive beast Troop of the clan castle and will be deadly to attacking the Heroes ( also because splash damage damages the Queen Archer even when her Royal Cloak is activated)
    • 1 Golem, 2 Wizard, 2 Archer: A good way to slow down the attacker because the Golem will take a long time time
    • 1 Lava Hound and 2 Balloons: It also slows down the attacker and the Lava Pups will also keep them busy for a long time

    Wrapping it up

    You see there there are different combinations to use and really mix them it will help you. You will save some stars and make your attacker use more troops than originally planned.

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