Bebe Rexha Unveils Confessional Video For Song I’m A Mess

If you have not yet learned the name of Bebe Rexha, it's time! The Rising star has already worked with some of the most important names in the music industry, but is ready to pave her own way. Hit single I'm A Mess is the ultimate proof of her talent and her new video shows that she is here to stay.

Even before the video was released, this trippy song already had 51 million views on YouTube and 26 million broadcasts on Spotify. The new video has the potential to take it to a wider audience and is literally crazy. It takes place inside an old school psychiatric hospital and presents everything that can be expected from this type of scenario, including sterile white walls and straitjackets. The singer revealed that this song is deeply personal and inspired by her own struggles.

"I have been very eloquent and honest about my constant struggle with anxiety and depression, I wanted to create a video and a song that expressed my truth, this video is a celebration in which I can finally accept my imperfections. with not being well all the time, "said Bebe Rexha.

I'm A Mess is the last single from their debut album Expectations . His path to solo stardom was quite long and he previously collaborated with everyone, from G-Eazy to Rihanna.

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