Actually, there's only one game in the city when it comes to audiobooks, and that's Audible. That means you must use the Audible app, frustrating and uncomfortable. Today is a little less complicated thanks to a new user interface that was implemented without the update of the application. The new interface reduces clutter and moves useful functions to the main player.

Since this update arrives without an update of the application, there is no record of changes to share. However, we have some screens of the previous interface to compare. The reproduction control bar that expands awkwardly at the bottom is now gone. Instead, you have larger buttons near the center of the screen. The lower part contains additional functions that used to be saved in menus such as a sleep timer, speed control and chapters.

The album art in the new application is a bit smaller and does not turn around to show the information in the book. I feel that the art could be a bit bigger since there is a wasted space under the playback buttons. The library and the store seem to be unchanged in this update, but both have been in flux for a while. There is nothing new there at this time .

If you are in one of the latest updates, the new interface must be automatic. The last update was at the beginning of July and the one in June also has the new aspect. Previous versions still have the previous user interface. The new user interface is not without problems, but it seems better in general. Now, if only Audible could fix the synchronization of the location.

The previous appearance.

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  Audible Audiobooks