Asus’ new gaming mouse pad has LED lights and a Qi charger for your phone

The ROG Balteus is the last surface of Mous of Asus. (Obviously, that masterpiece of technology can not be labeled as a mere "mouse pad" for pedestrians). It is designed for players, and has the added advantage of an integrated Qi loader.

In addition to the additional features, the ROG Balteus also abandons the regular landscape design for a higher portrait design. Asus says that it should help players use their mice more comfortably without having to scroll too far over the surface of the mouse. I'm not at all sure it's true, but at 37 centimeters high (more than 14.5 inches) by 32 centimeters wide (around 12.5 inches), it certainly looks like there will be more usable space.

Actually, there are two versions of the ROG Balteus: a standard version that includes the 15 LED lights, and an updated model that adds the aforementioned Qi wireless charger to the upper right corner of the mouse pad so you can charge your phone directly on your computer. Both mouse pads also have a USB type A pass through, if you want to connect another charger or a wired mouse.

Technically, the ROG Balteus is not the first mouse pad that includes a Qi loader. There's the Takieso Graft Design MousePad +, which is made of soft felt and leather, as well as the Corsair MM1000 Qi wireless charging mouse. But Asus seems to be the first to offer LED lighting and a Qi charger, once again demonstrating that the march of technology will never cease to amaze us all.

No price or release date has been announced for ROG Balteus, but Asus says it should be available "soon".

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