Asus' 4K HDR 144Hz G-Sync monitor is shipping next month for $2,000

Acer began receiving orders for the first G-Sync 4K HDR 144Hz monitor last week, and now its Taiwanese compatriot Asus has a product that offers the same attractive combination of specifications. The PG27UQ is another 27-inch IPS panel, and Asus says it is the first monitor to offer the DisplayHDR 1000 certification, although the Acer Predator X27 also reaches 1,000 nits.

Until now, PC owners have had to choose between resolution or refresh rate when selecting a game monitor. (I myself chose the latter a while ago when I bought 1440p 165Hz PG279Q from Asus, since the equivalent 4K only rose to 60Hz). It is questionable how many people have platforms that are really capable of driving 4K resolution at super high frame rates. , and the support of HDR in PC is still very irregular, but the first innovative users will be pleased that the ceiling for the performance of the monitor has risen.

It has a price, of course, like the Predator X27, the PG27UQ returns you $ 1,999.99. Asus expects it to be available by the end of June, which means it will be shipped almost 18 months after the company announced it for the first time.

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