Apple’s Search Ads expand to six more markets in Europe and Asia

In December, Apple introduced a new pay-per-install advertising product called Search Ads Basic aimed at smaller developers, to complement the existing Search Ads product, which later became known as Search Ads Advanced. Currently, the company is expanding search ads to more countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Spain, bringing the total number of countries in which search ads are available to thirteen. .

In addition to EE. UU Advanced search ads have already been expanded to Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom

Developers in newly admitted countries will be able to create campaigns with Search Ads Advanced as of July 25, 2018 at 4 pm PDT, while Search Ads Basic will be available in the thirteen countries admitted as of August 22, 2018 at 10 AM PDT.

Encourage enrollment, Apple offers first-time advertisers a $ 100 credit to test the product.

While the first version of the Search Ads was released in October 2016 in the USA. UU., The idea behind the new product "Basic" was to offer developers a different and simpler means to reach potential customers.

Search Ads was originally designed to allow developers to target users' keyword searches, combined with other factors such as location, gender, or if they had already installed the application in the past. The developers would pay when users used those segmented ads.

With the launch of Search Ads Basic, it's easier to set up campaigns.

Developers only have to enter the application to advertise, the budget of the campaign, and how much they want to pay for installation. Apple helps by suggesting that the top developers should pay using historical data. Then, the developers only pay for the real installations, not for the taps.

Although the App Store was redesigned with the release of iOS 11 to offer better visibility, search remains a key way for people to discover apps.

Apple says that more than 70 percent of App Store visitors use search to discover apps, in fact, and 65 percent of all downloads come directly from a search in the App Store.

The ads also work well, since they have a conversion rate higher than 50 percent. on average, says Apple.

Apple's advantage over pay-per-install ads found elsewhere in the web is not just the placement of ads, at the top of app store searches, where they identify with a blue background and the "Ad" icon: it also manages it without violating the user's privacy. That is, it does not create specific profiles for individuals for advertising targeting purposes, and does not share user data with developers. By its nature, this makes the system compatible with GDPR.

In addition, Apple only places an ad when it is relevant to a user's search: developers can not pay more for their ad to show more frequently in less relevant searches, offering a more level playing field.

Apple did not say when the search ads would reach other countries, but with the new expansions it has some of the main markets now covered.

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