Apple’s 2018 iPhones are rumored to not include headphone dongle in the box

We all knew that this day would come with time, but apparently 2018 is the year: according to reports, Apple will no longer package its 3.5mm dongle for Lightning headphones with iPhone models this year, according to a note of Barclays research that was seen by MacRumors .

And while you can take note of Barclays with a grain of salt, the supply seems at least somewhat legitimate. The research note states that Cirrus Logic, a provider of the dongle, has "confirmed" that it will not be included in the box along with the new iPhones.

Apple has tried to get away from the wired headphones completely with their AirPods and their line of wireless Beats headphones, so the decision is not entirely surprising. The dongle was always thought of as a temporary solution while the customers adjusted to the new reality, without headphones, that Apple imposed on the world. It is almost certain that Apple will continue selling the dongle, which costs $ 9, separately for users who still want it.

But if the report is true (which, again, remains to be seen), it is difficult to imagine that the clients get along with the news. And taking into account the already low price of the dongle, one has to ask: is it really worth the savings?

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