Apple to reportedly get its OLED displays from LG to reduce reliance on Samsung

Apple may soon be using LG as an alternative provider for its OLED panels used in its iPhone X devices, anonymous sources said [Bloomberg .

Having LG as a secondary provider will help the giant source of OLED technology to show more quickly and reduce costs. Previously, Apple relied solely on Samsung to supply its OLED displays, which means that the South Korean company could charge higher premiums since it had a monopoly.

Bloomberg reports that LG will supply between 2 and 4 million OLED screens in the initial agreement, while trying to increase its capacity . By way of comparison, Samsung's initial deal with Apple was to have around 100 million OLED displays used for the production of the iPhone X.

LG's name emerged in previous reports about Apple's search for a second provider, since the company based in South Korea has re-produced OLED displays with the V30. But the quality of the V30 screen is not as good as Samsung's OLED displays on its Galaxy smartphones, and LG's smaller production capacity was well known.

Meanwhile, Samsung has not really been enjoying its position as the only OLED Provider for Apple either. In February, Samsung allegedly had to cut OLED production after fewer iPhone X devices were sold than planned, and it was also tracking the market for additional customers beyond Apple. If the sources are correct and Apple connects with LG, the agreement could help the three companies reduce their dependence on a few connections.

Apple did not immediately respond to comment.

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