Apple Announces Apple Arcade for Gaming Across Devices

Apple has announced Apple Arcade, a new game subscription service for iOS, macOS and tvOS. While details are currently scarce in the field, once Apple Arcade is launched, it will allow subscribers to pay for more than 100 titles on their Apple devices.

Mobile games are big business, and Apple has clearly noticed how many people are willing to pay. Play games on your devices. But why let the developers win all the money? Apple's answer is Apple Arcade, a subscription service with exclusive titles.

Apple Arcade kills ads and in-app purchases

Apple is billing Apple Arcade as "the world's first subscription game service for mobile devices, desktops and rooms". Because, unlike existing services, such as PlayStation Now and Xbox Game Pass, Apple Arcade will work on multiple platforms.

Apple Arcade will be filled with new games of names and recognized companies. All of which will be exclusive to Apple Arcade. Subscribers can download the games from the App Store and play on their devices without ads or purchases within the application.

As if that were not enough, all the Apple Arcade games will be available to play offline and many will offer support for the drivers. You can also continue where you left it in a game when you switch between your iPhone or iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Apple's Phil Schiller said: "The App Store is the largest and most successful gaming platform in the world, and now we're going to take the games even further with Apple Arcade, the first game subscription service for mobile devices. desktop and living rooms. "

Apple Arcade offers new and exclusive games

Apple Arcade will launch in 150 countries in the fall of 2019. It will be available on iOS, macOS and tvOS, and can be accessed through App Store Apple is currently working with developers on "100 new and exclusive games." However, there is still no information on the price.

In case you missed it, Apple Arcade is just one of the three new subscription services that Apple has launched, the other two are Apple News +

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that allows you to access hundreds of newspapers and magazines, and Apple TV +

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that will be filled with the original programming.

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