Android P’s final beta preview is live

Good news for people who like the almost definitive previews of mobile operating systems. Android just dropped Beta 4 for Android P, marking the last milestone of the preview before the full version launches. That means that the unnamed operating system is just around the corner, promised to arrive sometime later this summer.

As all the above implies, this compilation should be quite close to the final, including all the systems you will see in the sending version. The launch focuses mainly on developers, looking to make sure that their applications are updated with Android P when it is sent.

That includes several of the new features of the operating system, which will affect the use in all applications, including support for multiple cameras, screen trimming, enhanced notifications and ImageDecoder. More details on all that can be found here.

Of course, the compilation is open to anyone who registers in the Android Beta Program, as long as they also have access to a Pixel device to test it, here is a registration form. Those who have been testing previous compilations should receive Beta 4 as an automatic update sometime in the near future.

A specific date has not been given for the final compilation, only that "it will arrive soon". The same goes for the name, although there is no shortage of dessert foods starting with "P." These days, I lean towards Pop Rocks. But then, I always lean towards Pop Rocks. Hey, does anyone know where you can buy Pop Rocks in 2018?

Anyway, more information here.

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