Android P DP4 refreshes entire UI's iconography by removing fill

We think that the last preview of the developer of Android P would not see many visual changes since it is the fourth of its kind, but it seems that we were wrong. DP4 has brought a quite extensive update of iconography, eliminating the filling of icons throughout the interface.

left: DP3. right: DP4.

This change was detected for the first time when we compared gesture navigation button designs today, but we still notice more and more examples of this. Only in the System section of the configuration menu, the icons for Help, Backup, Multiple Users and System Update have been reviewed (with the arrow of the Backup icon changing the addresses).

left: DP3. right: DP4.

Changes also continue on the main configuration page. The Sound, Security and Location icons, Accounts and Support and suggestions (now called Tips and Support) have been removed blank. However, for some reason, the Accessibility icon was not removed, but it gained three points. Fun things.

left: DP3. right: DP4.

The differences are clear in the quick configuration. Observe the Do Not Disturb icons, Battery Saver, Flashlight and Location; all have lost their fill. The automatic rotation icon has also done so, although other aspects have changed. You can not see it here, but the configuration gear and the edit button for quick settings have also been updated.

left: DP2. right: DP4.

The changes do not stop there. One reader noticed that the message icon in a permission notice had changed, and when reviewing the permissions for a heavy-permission application such as Facebook, it reveals that many others have also been reviewed.

Finally, the VPN icon has become a schema instead of the full-white key that it used to be. We are sure that there are other minor adjustments here and there, so if you find more, let us know through our suggestion email or in the comments below.

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