Amazon is making it easier for all Alexa devices to work together

Amazon introduced Echo Spatial Perception (ESP) for the first time on its first-party Echo devices almost two years ago. ESP makes sure that only the Echo device closest to you in your home responds, and is ideal if you have multiple Echo devices. While Amazon has tried to expand this feature to third-party devices, most Alexa-compatible devices are not compatible with ESP. Amazon is changing that today, and moving ESP to the cloud.

The change means that each Alexa-enabled device can now support ESP without any software changes. The cloud-based ESP will also include improved accuracy for noisy environments, making Alexa more accurate to understand commands and questions. The biggest benefit is that all Alexa-compatible devices will now work together more intelligently in a multi-device environment.

Although Amazon has solved this particular limitation for third-party Alexa devices, the company still has limits on how multiple devices work together. Alarms, timers and reminders are still limited to each Alexa device they are configured on, and we hope that Amazon is working on a smarter way to manage these on multiple devices.

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