Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition first look: A bigger tablet aimed at children Review

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition hands-on

Amazon has discovered a niche market, producing versions of its popular Fire tablets with some ingenious additions to kids, so it's no surprise that it's over to announce another.

The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition is virtually identical to the tablet that Amazon launched last year. The nickname comes from some additions: a thick, elastic case that adds extra protection to an already durable device, the excellent Fire for Kids Unlimited service pre-installed and a 2-year warranty.

The tablet is in the high range of Amazon's Fire line, with a 1080p screen and 32 GB of internal storage. In my review of the tablet, I said: " If you want a cheap and durable device to play and consume the wide range of Amazon Prime content, Amazon Fire HD 10 will suit your needs, it is neither revolutionary nor too interesting, but it will do the job. "

"If you're not in the depths of the Prime ecosystem, or you just want a tablet that can be productive, then you should look elsewhere." There are too many commitments here, including the total lack of support for Google services, like YouTube and Gmail. "

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On the software side, this Editing device for kids will look a bit different when you start it. Instead of the usual Fire OS interface, there's an interface for modified user that places the appropriate content in front and center.

It will show games, applications, movies, books and other content directed to the age that you have specified in the profile of the children. There is a dedicated web browser, with sites that are suitable for the chosen age range, and you can add yours, too, if there are some that your children visit often.

This package comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon's Kids Unlimited service, which will return £ 1.99 per month after the end of the year. The tablet will still work well without the service, but it will lose access to the included streaming content. Amazon says that the service consists of more than 5000 books, videos and educational applications appropriate for their age, in addition to a lot of games.

Another benefit of choosing the Kids Edition over the regular Fire 10 HD is the child included showcase. This is a thick rubber bumper available in bright blue or pink. While it is a decent cover with a lot of grip, I would like to see Amazon offer a wider variety of colors: blue and pink feel a bit outdated.

While children are the main focus of the tablet, the level of control for parents makes this a great device from their perspective as well.

Amazon's online parent panel provides a panoramic view of everything your child sees and does through the tablet, along with the amount of time they spend doing it. If you are not satisfied with something you are seeing, you can easily remove it through the web portal; it will no longer appear on the device.

It even has the ability to set usage timers, blocking the content, a game, for example, until a certain number of readings have been made.

First Impressions [19659017] For £ 199.99, the Kindle HD 10 Kids Edition costs £ 50 more than the version without the extras. It seems a fair price to pay for the cover, the subscription and the guarantee.

You can pre-order the device today, with shipping starting July 11.

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