Alphabet "graduates" Loon and Wing from moonshots to full, independent businesses

Alphabet has announced that Loon and Wing, two of their X moonshot projects, are "graduating" today to become full companies under the corporate umbrella of Alphabet. The two companies will be classified as "Other bets" within Alphabet, along with old X projects such as Waymo, Chronicle and Verily.

While the official designation of companies has changed, their work remains largely the same. Loon will continue to work on the use of balloons to bring the Internet to people around the world, and Wing will continue to build delivery drones. None of the companies had updates of those projects that coincided with the announcement, but obviously Alphabet is happy with the pace of work, given the promotions that are inside.

Now, these two projects are expected to function as real companies with a view to becoming successful businesses in the future, instead of merely incubating within X.

Both projects also announced a new administration: Alastair Westgarth has been named new CEO of Loon, while James Ryan Burgess is the new CEO of Wing.

Now that Wing and Loon are on their way, the publication of X's blog is already provoking where he could focus his attention on the next: robotics, free space optics and Google's augmented reality spectrum of the past, Glass .

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