All the Crazy things that Billionaire Kylie Jenner spends her Money on.

25 things in which Kylie Jenner spends her Millions

Kylie is multi-millionaire and came to the front page of Forbes as one of the multimillionaires of America. Although he has not exactly achieved the status of billionaire, he has a net worth of $ 900 million that can not be forgotten. That means she has a lot of money to spend for her daughter, Stormi Webster. Even before Stormi was born, she was already being showered with designer gifts. She has a collection of shoes that will make every sneakerhead green with envy, and several designer strollers to choose from. He is also one of the few babies that are worn in a Gucci sling. Stormi may have several months, but she already owns a wardrobe that is worth thousands of dollars. These are just some of the most expensive things that Kylie has bought her daughter. What is the best that Stormi received?

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