All the biggest announcements and trailers from Sony PlayStation at E3 2018

By 2018, Sony decided to keep its E3 presentation very focused. The show was dedicated almost entirely to four games we already know: The Last of Us Part II Death Stranding Tsushima's Ghost and Insomniac Spider-Man . But although it was not as full as it was in the past year, it did offer a deep look at some excellent games. It was also quite horrifying, and Sony managed to sneak in a couple of surprises too. If you missed the show, you can see everything here.

Death Stranding has a horrible new trailer with babies, toenails, real game

It's hard to believe, but Hideo Kojima's latest breakthrough is mysterious Death Stranding shows the real game for the first time. But do not worry: it's still pretty weird, and there's no shortage of babies.

Watch the first advance of the game for The Last of Us Part II

We have known that a sequel to ] The Last of Us has been in process for some time, but in E3 Sony finally showed how the game will actually be played. After a tender opening starring Ellie, the advance made a dramatic change to the brutal action she can expect from the game. It's a meaty video, too: you can see almost 12 minutes of the game in the above clip.

Dang, that The kiss of Last Part II was a great animation

The last Last of Us Part II trailer was full of action and violence, but a Scene highlighted: a simple kiss. If nothing else, it was a great example of the animation skill of the Naughty Dog developer.

Ghost of Tsushima is an elegant samurai game for PS4 from the creators of Infamous

We also get a good long sight Tsushima's Ghost tonight the next action game Sucker Punch, a studio best known for the adventure of superheroes infamous. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and has what appears to be a satisfying combination of combat and stealth. However, there is no news of a release date.

Spider-Man for PS4 shows his world open in a new trailer

The new Spider-Man of Insomniac comes out in September, which is not far from now. And if you can not wait, there's a big, long look at the most exciting part of the game: swing on the web. There are definitive vibrations Arkham but with a much lighter tone.

The multiple E3 trailers of Kingdom Hearts III have pirates, Olaf, but few concrete answers

For the third time this E3, Square Enix showed a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III and for third time we glimpse a new world of Disney in the game. First it was Frozen then R atatouille and tonight was Pirates of the Caribbean .

Control is a new game from the developers of Quantum Break

One of the few announcements in the Sony event was Control a new game from Remedy, the study behind of games like Quantum Break and Alan Wake . It has a trippy time control control and it looks wonderfully weird.

Dark Souls creator From Software is doing a virtual reality game called Déraciné

Since software has been busy at E3 this year. In addition to announcing the action game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice the studio also showed its first foray into virtual reality, with the title PSVR Déraciné.

The Resident Evil 2 remake comes on January 25

Three years ago, Capcom said it was remaking [RescueEvil2 but we have not seen much since then. Today we not only receive an advance, but a release date: the game will be released in January. It comes to the Xbox One and PC in addition to the PS4.

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